Instructional Area: Marketing (MK)

Standard: Understands the tools, techniques, and systems that businesses use to create exchanges and satisfy organizational objectives

Performance Element: Understand marketing's role and function in business to facilitate economic exchanges with customers.

Performance Indicators:
Explain marketing and its importance in a global economy (MK:001, LAP-MK-004) (CS)
Describe marketing functions and related activities (MK:002, LAP-MK-001) (CS)

Performance Element: Acquire foundational knowledge of customer/client/business behavior to understand what motivates decision-making.

Performance Indicators:
Explain factors that influence customer/client/business buying behavior (MK:014, LAP-MK-006) (SP)
Discuss actions employees can take to achieve the company's desired results (MK:015, LAP-MK-002) (SP)
Demonstrate connections between company actions and results (e.g., influencing consumer buying behavior, gaining market share, etc.) (MK:019, LAP-MK-003) (SP)

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