Information Management


Instructional Area: Information Management (NF)

Standard: Understands tools, strategies, and systems needed to access, process, maintain, evaluate, and disseminate information to assist business decision-making

Performance Element: Use information literacy skills to increase workplace efficiency and effectiveness.

Performance Indicators:
Assess information needs (NF:077) (CS)
Obtain needed information efficiently (NF:078) (CS)
Evaluate quality and source of information (NF:079) (CS)
Draw conclusions based on information analysis (NF:278) (CS)
Apply information to accomplish a task (NF:080) (CS)
Store information for future use (NF:081) (CS)

Performance Element: Acquire a foundational knowledge of information management to understand its nature and scope.

Performance Indicators:
Discuss the nature of information management (NF:110, LAP-NF-003) (CS)

Performance Element: Utilize information-technology tools to manage and perform work responsibilities.

Performance Indicators:
Identify ways that technology impacts business (NF:003, LAP-NF-004) (PQ)
Explain the role of information systems (NF:083) (PQ)
Discuss principles of computer systems (NF:084) (PQ)
Use basic operating systems (NF:085) (PQ)
Describe the scope of the Internet (NF:086) (PQ)
Demonstrate basic e-mail functions (NF:004) (PQ)
Demonstrate personal information management/productivity applications (NF:005) (PQ)
Demonstrate basic web-search skills (NF:006) (PQ)
Demonstrate basic word processing skills (NF:007) (PQ)
Demonstrate basic presentation applications (NF:008) (PQ)
Demonstrate basic database applications (NF:009) (PQ)
Demonstrate basic spreadsheet applications (NF:010) (PQ)
Use an integrated business software application package (NF:088) (CS)
Demonstrate collaborative/groupware applications (NF:011) (CS)
Create and post basic web page (NF:042) (CS)

Performance Element: Apply data mining methods to acquire pertinent information for business decision-making.

Performance Indicators:
Discuss the nature of data mining (NF:148) (CS)

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