Strategic Partner Program

The Strategic Partner Program is the NDSCS Premier Business program to meet workforce needs in North Dakota and the Red River Valley. This is the highest level of partnership participation and is designed for businesses looking to work with administration, faculty and staff, and in turn, gain exposure to prospective students.

This program has direct involvement in curriculum development, recruitment and faculty training to the level of vendor certification and compliance. Through this partnership, businesses gain significant brand exposure through logo and signage placement, news releases, interactive content and alumni newsletter articles. A Strategic Partner commits to provide academic program correspondence, materials, supplies, personnel, equipment and a significant annual financial investment.

Workforce Partner Program

The goal of this annual membership program is to meet employer workforce needs. With student interaction at the forefront, benefits include:

  • Access to students, prospective students, faculty and staff
  • Opportunities to sponsor students through scholarships
  • Enhanced Career Services access
  • Pricing advantages for employee career designation courses
  • Workforce trend information
Workforce Partner Program Levels Platinum $10,000 Gold $5,000 Silver $2,500 Bronze $1,000 Supporter $500
NDSCS Career Services Access X X      
Student Sponsorship Listing X X X X X
Public Relations All Materials All Materials All Materials All Materials  
Digital Recognition Extra Large Logo Large
Medium Logo Small
Marketing Giveaways X X X X  
Business Workforce Events 2 2 2    
Partnership Recognition Lobby Entrance Extra Large Logo Large Logo Medium Logo    
Employee Training Course(s) Open Enrollment 80 Hours 40 Hours 20 Hours    
Contract Training Discount 15% 10% 5%    
Video Conference Use 40 Hours 20 Hours      
Meeting Room Space 40 Hours 20 Hours 10 Hours    
Computer Lab Space 40 Hours 20 Hours 10 Hours    
Workforce Subject Matter Expertise 6 Hours 4 Hours 2 Hours    
Workforce Partner Training Benefits

The TrainND program at NDSCS offers high quality classes customized for your business. Our team provides services that add true value to North Dakota’s business sectors that include, manufacturing, health care, transportation, construction trades and information technology. Your employees will advance their professional skills to become more productive and achieve personal fulfillment. Members benefit by increasing employee satisfaction and morale, adaptation to new technologies, and organizational development.

Expert Workforce Consulting

NDSCS Division for Workforce Affairs offers business consulting to maximize your effectiveness and minimize your challenges:

  • Culture Change
  • Employee Productivity
  • Executive Coaching
  • Meeting Facilitation
  • Organizational Assessment
  • Project Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Training Needs Assessment
For more information contact:

NDSCS Partnership Programs, Susie Richards Carlson, Sales Manager for Workforce Affairs


Workforce Partnership Program Brochure