Costs at NDSCS - Know Before You Owe

NDSCS operates on the semester system. This means that students will pay major expenses at the beginning of each semester – September, January and June

Financial Aid Note: When applying for financial aid, the Estimated Average Annual Budget Sheet will show you what your financial aid budget for one academic year would be, taking a16-credit course load per semester, including any additional costs by program. Click here to view the financial aid Estimated Average Annual Budget.

Summer 2021 Tuition & Expenses

NDSCS operates on the semester system. This means that students will pay major expenses at the beginning of the summer semester – June. Tuition rate and fees are based upon where you live and the number of credits you take.

Summer 2021 Cost Information

Summer 2021 Tuition, Fees, Housing and Meal Plan Rates

Tuition & Per-Credit Fee Estimates

ND Resident: Students that have graduated from a ND high school, or have been a legal resident of ND for the 12 months prior to the first term of enrollment, or other approved groups as outlined in ND Century Code 15-10-19.1.
MN Reciprocity: Students that have graduated from a MN high school within the 12 month period prior to the first semester of enrollment at NDSCS, or have submitted the MN Reciprocity Application & have been approved.
US Resident: Students that are U.S. citizens & have not been approved for a ND Resident or MN Reciprocity rate; students from Manitoba & Saskatchewan.
International: students that are citizens of another country (excluding the Canadian provinces of Manitoba & Saskatchewan) and have not been approved for a ND Resident, MN Reciprocity or U.S. Resident rate.

2021-2022 Tuition & Fee Estimates

Tuition for Wahpeton, Fargo & Online Classes

Tuition is charged per credit, based on student's residency.

Residency Tuition
ND Resident $150.11 per credit
MN Reciprocity $168.13 per credit
US Resident, MB/SK $180.14 per credit
International $262.70 per credit
Tuition for Early Entry Classes

Students enrolled in dual-credit classes between NDSCS and their High School; how and where the classes are taught will determine a subsidized or unsubsidized rate.

Class Type Tuition
Subsidized $80.66 per credit
Unsubsidized $142.71 per credit
Per-Credit Fees

Based on class location; help to support such things as classroom technology, job placement, on-campus student activities, University System software, etc. Mandatory Fees cap at 12 credits per semester. Online Access Fee does not cap.

Class Location Fee
Wahpeton Mandatory Fees $35.09 per credit
Fargo Mandatory Fees $23.61 per credit
Online Mandatory Fees $16.33 per credit
Online Access Fee $36 per credit (does not cap)
Early Entry Mandatory Fees $5.54 per credit
  • Wahpeton classes: Student Activity $18.76, ConnectND $5.50, Technology $8.79, Assessment $1.00, Placement $1.00, NDSA $0.04
  • Fargo classes: Student Activity $7.28, ConnectND $5.50, Technology $8.79, Assessment $1.00, Placement $1.00, NDSA $0.04
  • Online classes: ConnectND $5.50, Technology $8.79, Assessment $1.00, Placement $1.00, NDSA $0.04, Online Access Fee $36
  • Early Entry classes: ConnectND $5.50, NDSA $0.04
Instructional Fees

Instructional Fees are charged per-credit, and will be calculated based on the prefixes of the classes the student is enrolled in. Each credit will have 1 of the 10 Instructional Fees.

Class Prefix Fee Code Instructional Fee
BIOL, CHEM, HPER, MICR, PHYS #2 $17 per credit
ARCT, BCT, CAD, CMT, CT, UAS #3 $10 per credit
AGEC, AGRI, ANSC, PLSC, SOIL #4 $11 per credit
ABOD, AUTO, CIH, DCAT, DTEC, JDAT, KMTS, PST, TECH #5 $15 per credit
ACCT, BADM, BOTE, BUSN, CIS, CSCI, CULA #6 $19 per credit
ECAL, ELEC, MSYS, PLMB, REFG #7 $29 per credit
AST, ENGR, MATL, MFGT, RAMT, WELD #8 $33 per credit
DAST, DHYG, HIT, OTA, PRMT #9 $40 per credit
EMS, NURS, PHRM #10 $95 per credit
Housing & Dining

Visit Residential Life and Dining Services for more details.

2021-2022 Room Rates per Semester
Residence Hall Double Single*
Robertson, Walton and Schulz $1,562 $2,155
Robertson, Walton and Schulz (Corner) $1,789 $2,398
Nordgaard, Forkner and Riley $1,942 $2,537

*Single and private rooms are available on a limited basis.

2021-2022 Apartment Rates per Semester
Apartment Complex Double Single
Northwest or Southeast Apartments $1,295 $2,592
College Townhomes $1,597 $3,195
2021-2022 Dining Plans
Dining Plan Number of Meals per Week on Average Parent/Guest Meals per Semester Cost per Semester
300* 19 10 $2,194
225* 14 10 $1,772
160 10 10 $1,688
80 5 5 $872

*Includes $50 in Dining Dollars for use in the Wild Grounds Cafe or Flickertail Dining Room.

Residency and MN Reciprocity Applications
ND Residency Tuition

Application for ND Resident Student Status

Students requesting to change their residency status must apply and be approved prior to the end of the current semester.  Refunds/credits will not be given for terms attended prior to approval of the North Dakota Resident Tuition Rate.

Minnesota Reciprocity

Residents of Minnesota and their dependents may attend North Dakota State College of Science and pay a special tuition rate that is lower than the MSEP rate. To qualify, students would need to apply through the MN Office of Higher Education. The online reciprocity application is the easiest way to apply for reciprocity benefits.

Please Note

  • A student who has graduated from a Minnesota high school within the 12 month period prior to first term of enrollment will not be required to complete a reciprocity participation application.
  • A student who was enrolled, received reciprocity, and earned credits during any term of the academic year will automatically have benefits renewed for the following academic year at the same institution.
  • Any student who is enrolling and has taken a break in semesters or is a transfer student, must complete a new reciprocity participation application.
  • Students who previously participated in the reciprocity program and have had a break in enrollment at NDSCS of one year or more, must re-apply for reciprocity. 

Contact Office of Admission
Haverty Hall 101