Placement Report

NDSCS Graduates from 2016-17 Academic Year

Placement rate of 98% includes graduates that are employed or pursuing additional college education. Breakdown of programs included in Academic Department or Emphasis in table below:

  • Agriculture (Includes Animal Science, Crop Production Sales & Technology, Farm Management and Ranch Management)
  • Automotive Technology (Includes Automotive Alignment & Brake Technician, Automotive Engine Technician and Automotive Transmission & Driveline Technician)
  • Business Management (Includes Business Technology Management, eBusiness, General Business Management, Marketing Management and Restaurant Management)
  • Culinary Arts (Includes Chef Training & Management Technology and Restaurant Management)
  • Diesel Technology (Includes General Diesel, Case IH, Komatsu and Auto & Diesel Master Technician)
  • Electrical Technology (Includes Construction, Industrial and Master Technician)
  • Health Information (Includes Health Information Technician and Medical Coding)
  • Information & Communications Technology (Includes Information Systems Administrator, Information Technology Support, IT Forensics, Mobile Application Developer, Web Design and Web Developer)
  • Paramedic (EMT) Technology (Includes Emergency Medical Technician)

Salary averages are based on full-time employment (2,080 hrs./year) and do not include overtime or possible commissions earned by graduates. Average monthly salaries are not reported for programs with insufficient data (3 or less graduates reporting).

The placement information is compiled and printed annually by November 25. For updated information, please contact Student Success & Career Services at 701-671-3000.

The North Dakota State College of Science does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex or handicap in its educational programs or activities and employment policies or practices.

Academic Department or EmphasisGraduates RegisteredJobs ReportedAvg. Beginning Monthly SalaryHigh Monthly SalaryPlacement Rate
Allied Dental Education2393$3,248$5,20096%
Allied Dental Education2296$4,157$6,413100%
Architectural Drafting and Estimating Technology11150$2,995$3,700100%
Auto Body Repair and Refinishing Technology981$2,714$4,000100%
Automotive Technology10111$3,707$5,000100%
Building Construction Technology6102$2,550$3,000100%
Business Management23133$2,382$3,553100%
Caterpillar Dealer Service Technician1270$4,098$4,158100%
Construction Management Technology8139$4,115$6,290100%
Culinary Arts972$2,093$2,513100%
Diesel Technology58112$3,342$6,000100%
Electrical Technology38153$3,301$6,673100%
Health Information372--100%
Information and Communications Technology690$2,948$3,813100%
John Deere Tech29112$3,117$6,547100%
Land Surveying and Civil Engineering Technology12148$3,026$4,000100%
Robotics, Automation and Mechatronics Technology1376$4,076$5,200100%
Occupational Therapy Assistant1660$3,109$3,47960%
Emergency Medical Services (EMS)1358$3,631$6,00092%
Pharmacy Technician964$2,702$3,200100%
Powersports Technology973$2,852$3,467100%
Precision Machining Technology977$3,357$3,813100%
Welding Technology3492$3,525$10,000100%

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