Career Services

NDSCS Career Services is here to assist our current students, alumni, and employers. We strive to provide students with the knowledge, skills and resources necessary to be successful in their job search by helping them develop confidence and independence in reaching their employment goals.

  • Free Online Job Posting Site: Employers post all job openings including part-time, full-time, cooperative education/internships, temporary, etc. All current students and alumni are welcome and encouraged to set up an account.
  • Job Search Preparation: Assist students with résumé and cover letter writing, and conduct mock interviews.
  • Annual Career Fair: this is a cross-discipline career fair with around 600 students and nearly 200 employers in attendance.
  • Facilitate the Cooperative Education Program: Students work for an employer in their field of study, earning academic credit for knowledge and skills acquired on the job.
  • Administer the Career Ready Internship Program: connect students with internships within their field of study. Employers are reimbursed for the cost of the wages. Program runs from now through May 2018.
  • Focus 2: Online Self-Assessment and Career Exploration: assisting students in exploring majors and career paths.
  • Placement Report: provide an annual report on job placement rates of our graduates.

Although the Career Services office does not guarantee placement and employment depends on student records, initiative and recommendations – as well as state, regional and national economic conditions – the staff will do their very best to assist students and alumni with finding a career.

Employers: click here for more information.

Students: click here for more information.

Contact Information

Career Services is located in Old Main, Wahpeton ND. For more information, contact the Career Services office at 1-800-342-4325 ext. 3-3000 or


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