Career Services

The NDSCS Career Services office is available to assist students with the following:

  • Job search preparation (mock interviews, résumé and cover letter writing)
  • Informs students about available career opportunities
  • Provides opportunities for students to connect with potential employers through career fairs and other networking opportunities
  • Works with faculty and students to coordinate Cooperative Education

Although the Career Services office does not guarantee placement and employment depends on student records, initiative and recommendations – as well as state, regional and national economic conditions – the staff will do their very best to assist students and alumni with finding a career.

Job, Internship and Co-op Listings

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Online Self-Assesment and Career Exploration

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Career Services is located in Old Main.

Contact Information

For more information contact the Career Services office at 1-800-342-4325 ext. 3-3000 or

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