Period Positivity at NDSCS

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Providing FREE supplemental period products to students at NDSCS; in both the Fargo and Wahpeton campuses.

Allowing access to period products removes multiples barriers for students who experience menstruation. This is a natural bodily process, and without the necessary resources, it can cause emotional duress, physical infection, and disease. These resources, such as tampons or pads, can be a heavy expense on students; financially disadvantaged students are put in a difficult position of having to choose between this vital necessity and the ability to purchase other items for their physiological needs (i.e., food, water, winter clothes, other expenses).

What resources are available:

NDSCS has partnered with Aunt Flow to provide dispensers for both the Wahpeton and Fargo campuses. These dispensers are stocked with Aunt Flow's 100% organic cotton tampons and pads: the tampons have a coated cardboard applicator for comfortable use, and the menstrual pads have an adhesive back and wings.

Where to Find Dispensers:

  • Wahpeton – in the Hektner Student Center; located near the Customer Service desk
  • Fargo – currently being installed

If a dispenser/location is running low or needs to be restocked, please let us know by completing this form


This is meant to be supplemental to what you already purchase. Product selection depends on availability; if shortages have negatively impacted you, please contact the Student Advocate at 701.671.2541, or