Customer Relations


Instructional Area: Customer Relations (CR)

Standard: Understands the techniques and strategies used to foster positive, ongoing relationships with customers

Performance Element: Foster positive relationships with customers to enhance company image.

Performance Indicators:
Explain the nature of positive customer relations (CR:003, LAP-CR-001) (CS)
Demonstrate a customer-service mindset (CR:004, LAP-CR-004) (CS)
Develop rapport with customers (CR:029) (CS)
Reinforce service orientation through communication (CR:005) (CS)
Respond to customer inquiries (CR:006) (CS)
Adapt communication to the cultural and social differences among clients (CR:019) (CS)
Interpret business policies to customers/clients (CR:007) (CS)
Build and maintain relationships with customers (CR:030) (SP)

Performance Element: Resolve conflicts with/for customers to encourage repeat business.

Performance Indicators:
Handle difficult customers (CR:009, LAP-CR-009) (CS)
Handle customer/client complaints (CR:010, LAP-CR-010) (CS)

Performance Element: Reinforce Company’s image to exhibit the company's brand promise.

Performance Indicators:
Identify company's brand promise (CR:001, LAP-CR-006) (CS)
Determine ways of reinforcing the company's image through employee performance (CR:002) (CS)

Performance Element: Understand the nature of customer relationship management to show its contributions to a company.

Performance Indicators:
Discuss the nature of customer relationship management (CR:016, LAP-CR-016) (SP)
Explain the role of ethics in customer relationship management (CR:017, LAP-CR-017) (SP)
Describe the use of technology in customer relationship management (CR:018) (SP)

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