Student Affairs

The Student Affairs Division supports students and the College by collaborating to provide inclusive programming and services, focused on broadening access to education and developing students’ lifelong skills for success.

Old Main 340 | 701-671-2258

Jane Vagsness Frisch, Ph.D., Vice President for Student Affairs

Kijia Homes, Student Affairs Office Manager


Justin Grams
Director of Admissions


Barb Mund

Enrollment Services advances the educational mission of the college by providing leadership in enrollment planning and management efforts as well as by offering a broad array of high-quality services and programs that promote the recruitment, matriculation, financial support, and academic success of students.

Financial Aid

Shelley Blome
Director of Financial Aid

Financial Aid assists students in obtaining funds for college from the various federal, state private, local and institutional programs.

Institutional Effectiveness

Heather Retzer
Lead Research Analyst & Assessment Coordinator

Institutional Effectiveness provides Leadership and Support for Strategic Planning, Assessment of Student Learning and Development, Research and Accreditation.

Student & Residential Life

Melissa Johnson
Executive Director of Residential & Student Life

Student and Residential Life involves the Promotion of Student Events & Activities, Student Senate, Campus Activities Board, Media Squad, Student Clubs and Organizations, Community Volunteer Opportunities, as well as assisting with Residential Hall and Campus Apartment Assignments, Student Conduct, Resident Assistance Program.

Student Success Center

Lisa Wixo, Director for Student Success & Career ServicesErin Johnson, Student Support Coordinator
Mindy Tayer, Director of Academic CounselingAllison Ching, Student Advocate

The Student Success Center is available for Academic Help & Questions, Tutoring, Class schedule changes, Academic Program changes, Veterans (VA Benefit Assistance), Student Concerns and Complaints, Career Planning & job search assistance, Test Center, Accessibility Services, and Student Advocate.

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