NDSCS Announces Spring and Summer 2020 President’s Honor Lists

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The North Dakota State College of Science has named 399 students to its spring semester 2020 President’s Honor List, and eight students to its summer semester 2020 President’s Honor List. The Honor List recognizes students who have achieved grade point averages of 3.5 or higher while taking at least 12 credits with letter grades. The honorees include:

Spring 2020 President’s Honor List

Sao Paulo:
Eduardo Alvala, Liberal Arts

Big Lake:
Tesa Finley, Occupational Therapy Assistant

Taylor Erickson, Agriculture

Noah Jenson, Liberal Arts
Dacono: Matthew Peterson, John Deere Tech
Fort Collins: Kayla Iron Cloud, Dental Hygiene

Union Mills:
Jenna Downey, Liberal Arts

Brosnan Pierce, Diesel Technology

Alexandria: Kyle VanderTuin, Robotics, Automation and Mechatronics Technology
Andover: Grant Anderson, Building Construction Technology
Audubon: Joseph Peterson, Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology
Barnesville: Matthew Bredman, Robotics, Automation and Mechatronics Technology; Grace Hagen, Liberal Arts; Jaclyn Keller, Registered Nursing; Claire Meyer, Liberal Arts; Emma Nielsen, Liberal Arts; Allison Peterson, Liberal Arts; Taylor Peterson, Occupational Therapy Assistant; Caroline Redding, Liberal Arts; Kaitlyn Thompson, Occupational Therapy Assistant
Battle Lake: Linnea Cole, Occupational Therapy Assistant; Henry Gibbs, Diesel Technology
Belgrade: Allison Gruber, Liberal Arts; Cody Lewis, Diesel Technology
Benson: Matthew Goossen, Land Surveying and Civil Engineering Technology; Anna Gosson, Liberal Arts
Bloomington: Justyna Butler, Liberal Arts
Bowlus: Ashley Biniek, Dental Hygiene
Breckenridge: William Baity, John Deere Tech; Charles Boldingh, Liberal Arts; Andrew Bouressa, Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology; Tracy Davis, Practical Nursing; Sophia Ellingson, Pharmacy Technician; Ian Foley, Liberal Arts; Arica Hasbargen, Registered Nursing; Carter Haugen, Automotive Technology; Dylan Pearson, Land Surveying and Civil Engineering Technology; Tristan Ploeger, Liberal Arts; Christopher Tolbert, Diesel Technology; Victoria Vertin, Liberal Arts
Brooten: Thomas Kollman, Diesel Technology
Bruno: Karla Pankow, Emergency Medical Services
Buffalo Lake: Samuel Pettit, Diesel Technology
Campbell: Christopher Korinek, Liberal Arts; Josie Rittenour, Liberal Arts
Canby: Courtney Hanson, Dental Hygiene
Chokio: Kaitlyn Asmus, Occupational Therapy Assistant
Clarkfield: Hayley Vold, Agriculture
Clitherall: Erika Biederman, Liberal Arts
Cold Spring: Nathan Thorpe, John Deere Tech
Coon Rapids: Adrianna Winter, Culinary Arts
Dilworth: Nicholas Lund, Electrical Technology
Donnelly: Dalton Uphoff, Electrical Technology
East Bethel: Andrew Giddings, Welding Technology
East Grand Forks: Christopher Kowalski, Plumbing; Philip Malevich, Emergency Medical Services
Eden Prairie: Sam Ehresman, Diesel Technology
Elbow Lake: Tanner Bennett, Agriculture
Erskine: Gracie Gunufson, Dental Assisting
Farmington: Callen Jerstad, Diesel Technology
Fergus Falls: Jaden Blondeau, Automotive Technology; Nolan Booth, Automotive Technology; Jacob Halvorson, Powersports Technology; Jenna Huffman, Occupational Therapy Assistant; Jack Jacobs, Welding Technology; Morgan Jarandson, Agriculture; Spencer Jennen, Agriculture; Abigail Marfell, Liberal Arts; Dustin Norgren, Automotive Technology; Jeremy Peterson, John Deere Tech; Jenna Seifert, Liberal Arts; Dillon Strommen, Land Surveying and Civil Engineering Technology; Natalie Swanson, Liberal Arts; Corbin Vogl, Automotive Technology
Frazee: Arron Erickson, Robotics, Automation and Mechatronics Technology; Ryan Roble, Electrical Technology; Brandon Schoon, Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology; Isaac Wurst, Robotics, Automation and Mechatronics Technology
Garfield: Stephanie Wussow, Dental Hygiene
Glenwood: Tyler Anderson, Culinary Arts
Glyndon: Jenny Young, Health Information
Herman: Boe Brunson, Electrical Technology; Benjamin Findlay, Agriculture
Hopkins: Tyler Dummer, Information and Communications Technology
Kent: Tyler Perlenfein, Electrical Technology
Lake Park: Ethan Highness, Robotics, Automation and Mechatronics Technology; Elsa Larson, Registered Nursing; Lilly Ness, Culinary Arts
Lino Lakes: Zachary Weigman, Liberal Arts
Lynd: Owen Banks, Diesel Technology
Maple Grove: Spencer Boeder, Welding Technology
Mapleton: Erica Luskey, Business Management
Montevideo: Isaiah Edmunds, Land Surveying and Civil Engineering Technology; Mason Gades, Precision Machining Technology
Moorhead: Andrew Bill, Information and Communications Technology; Zachary Bowman, Liberal Arts; Marisa Christopherson, Occupational Therapy Assistant; Jeffrey Gabrielson, Electrical Technology; Casey Kremke, Building Construction Technology; Isaac Larson, Land Surveying and Civil Engineering Technology; Christopher Schmitt, Robotics, Automation and Mechatronics Technology; Dalton Swanson, Welding Technology; Timothy Yocum, Diesel Technology
Morris: Lea Asmus, Dental Hygiene; Sylvia Beld, Dental Hygiene
New Ulm: Benjamin Gieseke, Diesel Technology
New York Mills: Mandi Kivi-Lex, Culinary Arts
Osakis: Carl Haider, Electrical Technology
Ottertail: Oscar Lindberg, Welding Technology
Pennock: Katie Krieger, Dental Hygiene
Rothsay: Cody Larson, Robotics, Automation and Mechatronics Technology; Taylor Nosal, Agriculture
Royalton: Adam Beam, John Deere Tech
Sabin: Mallarie Ernst, Liberal Arts
Saint Paul: Emma Ogitchida, Liberal Arts
Sauk Rapids: Andrew Asp, Robotics, Automation and Mechatronics Technology
Vining: John Hansen, Agriculture
Waconia: Kasen Johnson, Electrical Technology
Wadena: Matthew Goeden, Construction Management Technology
Wheaton: Alex Johannsen, Welding Technology; Gavin Jorschumb, Diesel Technology

Riley Kellam, John Deere Tech
Circle: Timothy Wright, Diesel Technology
Columbia Falls: Brian Van Nostrand, Welding Technology
Glasgow: Jolynn Reyling, Dental Hygiene
Havre: Tyler Christensen, Robotics, Automation and Mechatronics Technology
Plentywood: Riley Hilyard, Electrical Technology; Paige McCrory, Dental Hygiene; Daniel Tompt, Diesel Technology

Jack Heen, Electrical Technology
Aneta: Bryce Nestegard, Diesel Technology
Belfield: Toby Wolf, Diesel Technology
Beulah: Jacob Barbot, Diesel Technology; Skyler Meyer, Diesel Technology; Dillon Schramm, Diesel Technology; Bryck Schutt, John Deere Tech
Bismarck: Allison Abel, Dental Hygiene; Morgan Berg, Welding Technology; Matthew Curtis, Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology; Kaitlyn Emmil, Dental Hygiene; McKenna Freier, Dental Hygiene; Breanna Gartner, Dental Hygiene; Marshall Grant, Caterpillar Dealer Service Technician; Hope Hausauer, Dental Assisting; Emilee Hausauer-Johnson, Dental Hygiene; Vanessa Kraft, Dental Hygiene; Carlo Marrufo, Pharmacy Technician; Connor McGregor, John Deere Tech; Ashley Pfeiler, Dental Hygiene; Dylan Schaaf, Diesel Technology; Kolby Wetch, Diesel Technology; Lindsey Wilz, Dental Hygiene
Bowman: Bryan Knopp, Land Surveying and Civil Engineering Technology
Brocket: Daniel Domire, Caterpillar Dealer Service Technician
Burlington: Hunter Grosche, John Deere Tech
Carson: Bayle Bertch, Agriculture; Logan Schriock, Electrical Technology
Casselton: Nathan Herold, Diesel Technology
Cavalier: Brady Gunderson, Architectural Drafting and Estimating Technology; Hanna Lorenzen, Agriculture; Elian Martinez, Diesel Technology
Cooperstown: Harley Barlow, Emergency Medical Services; Jeremy Liljenquist, Agriculture
Crosby: Emily Koppenhaver, Culinary Arts
Crystal: Galadriel Burrell, Culinary Arts
Cummings: Morgan Jacobson, Practical Nursing
Davenport: Daniel Pfeifer, Plumbing
Dazey: Jordyn Everson, Information and Communications Technology; Madison Reidman, Agriculture
Denhoff: Jacob Strobel, Diesel Technology
Dickinson: Bailey Decker, Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology; Jadyn Grasl, Electrical Technology; Kara Hibl, Business Management; Jakob Ohl, Automotive Technology
Drayton: Miranda Guss, Dental Assisting
Edgeley: Dalton Gartner, Diesel Technology
Ellendale: Luke Wertz, Electrical Technology
Englevale: Levi Schwab, Precision Machining Technology
Fairdale: Sara Hodek, Welding Technology
Fargo: Taylor Bertsch, Emergency Medical Services; Brooke Billadeau, Information and Communications Technology; D'Angelo Burns, Registered Nursing; Tim Busta, Caterpillar Dealer Service Technician; Chase Clayton, Diesel Technology; William Clower, Diesel Technology; Brendan Current, Diesel Technology; Zachariah Diekman, Business Management; Nicole Edwards, Occupational Therapy Assistant; Tamara Erdmann, Welding Technology; Amber Erickson, Liberal Arts; Ginger Fisher, Occupational Therapy Assistant; Rachel Gorden, Occupational Therapy Assistant; Broc Hoff, Construction Management Technology; Austin Hosie, Electrical Technology; Sean Huber, Information and Communications Technology; Naomi Ingebretson, Registered Nursing; Hassan Kargbo, Construction Management Technology; Ian Karpen, Welding Technology; Bryce Keller, Welding Technology; Nathanael Klose, Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology; Casey Leith, Information and Communications Technology; Mohammed-Najeeb Mahama, Emergency Medical Services; Emily Martin, Architectural Drafting and Estimating Technology; Aaron McWethy, Electrical Technology; Daniel McWethy, Plumbing; Austin Merkens, John Deere Tech; Josiah Morton, Emergency Medical Services; Basimise Mulinga, Welding Technology; Colby Nelson, Information and Communications Technology; Paige Nevland, Liberal Arts; Brian Obegi, Registered Nursing; Daley Rix, Information and Communications Technology; Hope Rumpf, Construction Management Technology; Douglas Rumpza, Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology; Alicia Schaffer, Liberal Arts; Shawna Scheurer, Liberal Arts; Tyler Schroeder, Welding Technology; Amanda Sifford, Architectural Drafting and Estimating Technology; Robert Stroup IV, Information and Communications Technology; Hailey Suda, Registered Nursing; Hunter Thoreson, Robotics, Automation and Mechatronics Technology; Sonia Triado Pujol, Emergency Medical Services; Nelson Westall, Caterpillar Dealer Service Technician; Brock Wigen, Information and Communications Technology
Forman: Alexis Butler, Liberal Arts; Cole Chapin, Precision Machining Technology
Fullerton: Brook Glynn, Liberal Arts
Galchutt: Kennedy Flaa, Agriculture
Garrison: Taylor Kamp, Dental Hygiene
Goodrich: Nicholas Richter, Diesel Technology
Grand Forks: Kevin Gilgallon II, Caterpillar Dealer Service Technician; Anthony Horter, John Deere Tech; Dustin Martin, Caterpillar Dealer Service Technician; Tori McIntosh, Liberal Arts; Abdifatah Mohamed, Information and Communications Technology; Griffin Nelson, Emergency Medical Services
Gwinner: Carter Anderson, Diesel Technology; Michael McKenna, Liberal Arts; Stephanie Stroh, Business Management; Cole Sweet, Robotics, Automation and Mechatronics Technology
Hankinson: Kaitlyn Hubrig, Liberal Arts; Race Kath, Agriculture; Shelbi Keller, Liberal Arts; Mark Loll, Information and Communications Technology; Branden Skjoiten, Information and Communications Technology; Wyatt Wilm, Caterpillar Dealer Service Technician
Hatton: Jacob Russell, Welding Technology
Hazen: Thomas Leintz, Precision Machining Technology; Hannah Wolff, Diesel Technology
Hillsboro: Jacob Heinitz, Construction Management Technology; Karlee Johnson, Practical Nursing; Jake Moore, Architectural Drafting and Estimating Technology
Horace: Zachary Livingston, Diesel Technology
Jamestown: Chase Hibl, Precision Machining Technology; Chancellor Reed, Diesel Technology; Amanda Sargeant, Liberal Arts; Nicole Widmer, Occupational Therapy Assistant; Cody Zachrison, Precision Machining Technology
Kenmare: Tucker Ellsworth, John Deere Tech
Kindred: Jacquelyne Hopewell, Information and Communications Technology
Kulm: Mckenzie Giesler, Dental Hygiene
Langdon: Olivia Cleveland, Pharmacy Technician
Larimore: Hannah Pietron, Architectural Drafting and Estimating Technology
Leonard: McKayle Disrud, Registered Nursing
Lidgerwood: Anna Heley, Dental Assisting; Jessica Heley, Liberal Arts; Georgia Krueger, Business Management; Payton Marohl, Liberal Arts; Shaylynn Nelson, Registered Nursing
Lisbon: Kyle Lere, Information and Communications Technology; Gavin Reinke, Welding Technology
Mandan: Gregory Buzey, Electrical Technology; Shayne Keller, Dental Hygiene; Owen Tokach, Caterpillar Dealer Service Technician
Mantador: Jana Henderson, Business Management
Mapleton: Ethan Hennen, Electrical Technology
Mayville: McKenzy Diehl, Emergency Medical Services; Isaac Joerger, Electrical Technology
Medina: Kalie Gudmestad, Electrical Technology
Michigan: Alan Gilbertson, Auto Body Repair and Refinishing Technology
Milnor: David Caldwell, Precision Machining Technology; Tyler Larson, Liberal Arts
Minot: Stacey Albertson, Business Management; RaeAnne Cox, Business Management; Gage Fulton, Automotive Technology; Paige Gault, Occupational Therapy Assistant; Tyler Jessen, Caterpillar Dealer Service Technician; Regan McNally, Dental Hygiene; Jayden Sailor, Architectural Drafting and Estimating Technology; Erik Score, Automotive Technology; James Wilson, Robotics, Automation and Mechatronics Technology
Mooreton: Madison Kjar, Liberal Arts; Raegan Klosterman, Non-Degree
Napoleon: Isaac Gross, Electrical Technology
New Salem: Parker Hanebutt, Diesel Technology
Oakes: Lynsey Schmitz, Dental Assisting; Sever Skjefte, Electrical Technology
Petersburg: Breanne Schmidt, Dental Hygiene
Ray: Hatley Nelson, John Deere Tech
Reynolds: Jared Hildebrand, Welding Technology; Evan Krack, Agriculture
Rolette: Tanner Anderson, Diesel Technology; Haley Berg, Dental Assisting
Sharon: Charlotte Dalman, Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology; Eric Dalman, John Deere Tech
Sheldon: Mckenzie Froehlich, Liberal Arts
Steele: Jayson Knight, Caterpillar Dealer Service Technician
Streeter: Juwle Nagbe II, Construction Management Technology
Thompson: Dru Jordheim, Agriculture
Towner: Nathaniel Haman, Diesel Technology; Christopher Pond, Diesel Technology
Valley City: Shelby Berg, Occupational Therapy Assistant; John Coombs, Building Construction Technology; Ian Nelson, Diesel Technology; Megan Sorensen, Dental Hygiene
Wahpeton: Evans Akah, Robotics, Automation and Mechatronics Technology; Jonathan Archer, Technical Studies; Erika Arenstein, Liberal Arts; Kyra Azure, Dental Hygiene; Emma Beyer, Practical Nursing; Cassie Boelke, Liberal Arts; Stuart Bowar, Agriculture; Caitlyn Boyer, Information and Communications Technology; Blaine Brewer, Business Management; Jacob Christopherson, Electrical Technology; Christopher Church, Liberal Arts; Danielle Coalwell, Liberal Arts; Nicole Colon, Liberal Arts; Robert Darling, Robotics, Automation and Mechatronics Technology; Amalia Demke, Liberal Arts; Theodore Dunham, Plumbing; Amanda Edwards, Registered Nursing; Mason Ennen, Liberal Arts; Mary Goroski, Liberal Arts; Elley Jaskowski, Liberal Arts; Andrew Johnson, Land Surveying and Civil Engineering Technology; Anton Kannenberg, Liberal Arts; Kyle Lee, Electrical Technology; Derek Lindseth, Robotics, Automation and Mechatronics Technology; Lexis McDermott-Kintyhtt, Culinary Arts; Nikki Metcalfe, Liberal Arts; Kianna Murry, Liberal Arts; Jayson Nordick, Emergency Medical Services; Landon Ottesen, Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology; Emily-Kate Parker, Liberal Arts; Melonie Schultz, Liberal Arts; Paige Schultz, Liberal Arts; Mckenna Steeves, Practical Nursing; Alexander Vogel, Robotics, Automation and Mechatronics Technology; Paul West, Agriculture
Walcott: Dane Belling, Robotics, Automation and Mechatronics Technology
West Fargo: Sabrina Berard, Registered Nursing; Logan Braun, Building Construction Technology; Dylan Bruner, Building Construction Technology; Mark Bush, Building Construction Technology; Charles Dosh, Information and Communications Technology; Adolphus Duo, Information and Communications Technology; Hope Evenson, Liberal Arts; Lindsay Hansen, Occupational Therapy Assistant; Samantha Heath, Registered Nursing; Megan Johnson, Registered Nursing; Isaac Klava, Business Management; Michaela Lang, Registered Nursing; Mckenzie Lynne, Non-Degree; Francis Martinson, Information and Communications Technology; Calista Pieper, Dental Hygiene; Evan Poppenhagen, Electrical Technology; Katelyn Schmidt, Information and Communications Technology; Benjamin Spaeth, Welding Technology; Parker Stone, Diesel Technology; Bethany Teets, Liberal Arts; Kaleb Tronnes, Information and Communications Technology
Westhope: Joseph Khalifa, Automotive Technology
Williston: Sarah Reichman, Architectural Drafting and Estimating Technology
Wyndmere: Aaron Bell, Construction Management Technology; Emily Blazek, Business Management; Isaac Blazek, Liberal Arts; Kolten Mellem, Agriculture; Garrett Ponzer, Robotics, Automation and Mechatronics Technology

Morgan Larson, Dental Hygiene

Macie Anderson, Liberal Arts

Trevor Larson, Architectural Drafting and Estimating Technology
Brentford: Jarret Haven, Agriculture
Britton: Meghan Bielawski, Information and Communications Technology
Faith: Jerin Halligan, Architectural Drafting and Estimating Technology
Groton: Aubray Harry, Dental Hygiene; Shyla Larson, Dental Assisting
Milbank: Emily Dornbusch, Occupational Therapy Assistant
New Effington: Karah Bostrom, Practical Nursing
Rosholt: Kyle Braun, Powersports Technology; Alyssa Lewis, Liberal Arts
Selby: Steven Rueb, John Deere Tech
Sisseton: Whitney Andersen, Liberal Arts; Vanessa Batie, Emergency Medical Services
Vienna: Katlyn Maynard, Business Management
Webster: Gabrielle Snell, Dental Hygiene

Isabel Thomas, Liberal Arts

Kate Carlson, Liberal Arts; Nathan Seward Jr., Liberal Arts

Summer 2020 President’s Honor List

Cameron Lunde, Caterpillar Dealer Service Technician
Fergus Falls: Madison Koep, Registered Nursing

Marshall Grant, Caterpillar Dealer Service Technician; Tyler Horner, Caterpillar Dealer Service Technician; Ethan Tosseth, Caterpillar Dealer Service Technician
Dickinson: Braydon McWhorter, Caterpillar Dealer Service Technician
Grand Forks: Griffin Nelson, Emergency Medical Services
Mandan: Owen Tokach, Caterpillar Dealer Service Technician

Culinary Arts students with donations

NDSCS Culinary Arts Department incorporates local products

Donations from area companies provide necessary ingredients for student baking projects


NDSCS Division for Workforce Affairs Logo

NDSCS Division for Workforce Affairs partners with Microsoft

The NDSCS Division for Workforce Affairs, in conjunction with TrainND Southeast, has partnered with Microsoft to launch UpskillingND to support job seekers looking to build their skills for in-demand careers. Through this new initiative, NDSCS and TrainND will form cohort groups who will utilize self-paced virtual curriculum to learn new technology skills for in-demand jobs and earn certifications. The program is available at no cost to participants through March 31, 2021.


Old Main

NDSCS announces Fall 2020 Enrollment

Fall enrollment numbers are now official at the North Dakota State College of Science. Total student enrollment is 2,829, which includes Wahpeton, Fargo, Online and Early Entry students.


Agriculture Instruction

NDSCS and Midwest Community College Partners Join Forces with NRCS

The United States Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) is partnering with NDSCS and eight other Midwest community colleges to support hands-on student learning in the field, to develop future conservation-minded farmers and ranchers, and to cultivate more graduates interested in pursuing careers with NRCS.


CDL Instructor

NDSCS, TrainND Southeast expand CDL Training

The NDSCS Division for Workforce Affairs, in conjunction with TrainND Southeast, expanded the capacity for its Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) / Truck Driving training and is now offering additional start dates for individuals interested in the class.


Benjamin Whitmore

Benjamin Whitmore receives Excellence in Innovation and Adaptive Education Award from Tri-College University

Benjamin Whitmore from North Dakota State College of Science was selected for the award for his excellence, innovation, creativity and successful use of advanced technology in producing high quality education under the challenge of limited time allowed for successful transition to a fully distance delivery classroom as a result of the global pandemic.


Old Main

NDSCS to begin 118th academic year August 24

North Dakota State College of Science fall semester classes will begin Monday, August 24 at 4 p.m. for all students in Wahpeton, Fargo and online.


NDSCS graduate

NDSCS Commencement Ceremony set for Friday, August 21

NDSCS will hold its Commencement ceremony on Friday, August 21 at 4 p.m. outdoors at the Earl “Skip” Bute Alumni Stadium in Wahpeton, N.D. Approximately 600 students from the Wahpeton campus, NDSCS-Fargo location and online are scheduled to graduate, and approximately 160 graduates plan to participate in the Commencement ceremony.


Wildcat logo

NDSCS 2020 Football Season Cancelled

The North Dakota State College of Science 2020 football season has been cancelled, as the College’s football conference, the Minnesota College Athletic Conference (MCAC), announced today that it will limit its fall sports to those that have been identified as low-risk as it relates to COVID-19.