KSCS Wildcat Radio takes it to the next level

sound table and microphone

Fall of 2023 marked the initial launch of the KSCS Wildcat radio network. The newly formed club, on the campus of North Dakota State College of Science, debuted with a diverse line-up of podcasting programs created by students.

As of March, the station hosts seven different podcasts that stream on Spotify monthly.

“We are thrilled with the diverse programming and the educational skills that are being learned.” stated club advisor Bryan Poyzer.

The recording station is located in the Harry Stern and Ella Stern Cultural Center, right alongside the Performing Arts Department. The center of campus provides a convenient hub for students of all programs to participate in this unique opportunity.

The show’s themes are not necessarily associated with the student’s programs on campus. There is one show dedicated to Playing Dungeons and Dragons, and another focusing on college life and mental health. Other shows are more specific and includes advice on auto maintenance and the future of agriculture education.

Due to the ease of Spotify, the campus station is getting attention from three continents. “Keeping it Real with Brooke” has had listeners in Australia and the faculty hosted podcast “Down and Dirty with Diesel” has found a home in Ireland. The latest editions to the KSCS family are “The Ag Bros” who discuss agriculture education and “The Procrastination Station” which has the format of a two hour radio broadcast.

All KSCS shows can be found on Spotify or accessed through the NDSCS webpage NDSCS.edu/Wildcat-Radio