Meet the Trainers

Ed Cronin

Ed is a certified AutoCAD instructor and teaches AutoCAD, Revit, and Microsoft Office – Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word and Project. He also facilitates IDT classes for local John Deere dealerships. Before beginning his teaching career, Ed worked for various engineering consulting firms in MN, SD & FL.
When asked, "What do you like about teaching?" he responded, "The ‘aha moment’, when that lightbulb goes off and a student ‘gets it’. It’s my favorite part of teaching computer software. Hearing students excited about going back to work to try out the new tools they’ve discovered in class.”
Ed has taught at NDSCS since 1995 and has been with TrainND SE for 18 years, and when he is not in the classroom, he enjoys working on tracing his family genealogy.
Ed lives in Wahpeton, with his wife, Dawn, and their daughter, Meaghan. 

Charmayne DelaBarre

Charmayne grew up in Minot, North Dakota and moved to Fargo in 2002. She earned a B.S. degree in Vocational Business Education from Minot State University. 

Charmaybe was an instructor at many different levels of education. She spent nine years at Minot High School, nine years at Minot State University and several years at Shanley High School as well as teaching classes at NDSCS-Fargo.

She is married with two grown children and four grandchildren.  Charmayne is also a devoted Bison fan!

Ann Dolence

Ann Dolence is a certified Tiny Habits® Coach and has been a frequent presenter of the Tiny Habits® method to teachers and students K-12. She is a Certified Recreation Therapist working in the field of psychiatric care for 15 years. She has owned her motivational speaking and training service for 30 years and provided health/wellness consultation to schools and classrooms for the past 15 years.

Ann teaches/offers Recreation Inclusion for People with Disabilities, Community Involvement for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities as an adjunct instructor in the classroom and online at the University of North Dakota for 6 years.

Carol Hansen

Carol has been an adjunct trainer with NDSCS for 18 years, specializing in QuickBooks and Microsoft Office. She has trained Crystal Reports as well has other common office programs. 

In addition to being a classroom trainer, Carol has many years’ experience in bookkeeping, marketing and human resources. Carol retired from Travel Travel in 2009 and enjoys traveling, collecting music,motorcycling and of course - all things computer.

Cody John

Cody John spent most of his professional career with Microsoft. When he began, Microsoft was in its infancy stage of creating retail stores nationwide. At that time, his store was one of five locations tasked with becoming the future face of Microsoft. The mission: To empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. Cody embodied that initiative and ran with it. A surprise to himself, he developed a passion to educate individuals and organizations to utilize products they wanted to buy, and products they already owned such as the Microsoft Office Suite.

He then worked his way to an Account Executive role at Microsoft. Acting as a trusted advisor to over 300 Midwest HealthCare Organizations, Cody focused on fulfilling needs for consumers with respect, integrity and energy. During his time at Microsoft he also gave presentations at several college campuses and sat on a Microsoft Q&A panel.

Throughout his career, Cody has realized a disconnect in the technology world between the product and the people. This sparked his entrepreneurial spirit to create his own path with Fargo Cloud Consulting. He has a passion to find the right avenue to bridge this gap and to make the world a better place via technology.

Rob Johnson

Rob has been a production graphic designer in industry for 18 years prior to teaching. He's been training both student and professionals alike in software instruction and production workflow training for nearly two decades--along with extensive production graphic design and management training.

As a past Adobe Certified Expert trainer, Rob's software passions are Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

Amy and Avery Nubson

Amy Nubson is an entrepreneur, designer, business coach and teacher. Amy’s been working in the design industry since 2001 and got her start at a small print shop in Eau Claire, WI. She now is an owner of Nufire Marketing, formerly Nubson Design, and works with businesses of all sizes.

She holds an Associates degree from Art Institute of MN, a bachelor of science degree from Bemidji State University and now has a master’s level certificate in digital marketing from Digital Marketer.

Avery Nubson has been using Photoshop and Illustrator since Photoshop 4 came out. Way back in 1999, before there was an undo function. Since then he’s been working as a web designer, designer, illustrator and co-owner of Nufire Marketing, formerly Nubson Design.

Avery has a Bachelor of Science degree from Bemidji State University and a Master’s level certificate from Digital Marketer.

Claudette and Tim Peterson

Claudette Peterson, Ed.D. is on the faculty at North Dakota State University and is interested in adult learning in a variety of settings. She has experience working in business (Federal Express, Bass Anglers Sportsman Society), not-for-profit agencies, and university settings. She earned her doctoral degree in adult learning in 2006. She is certified as a Gallup Strengths coach and Gallup Builder Profile coach.

Tim O. Peterson, Ph.D. is Professor of Management in the College of Business at North Dakota State University. He teaches change management, leadership, organizational behavior, worklife competencies, and transportation and logistics. He has experience working as a professor and administrator in university settings, a consultant with business and industry, and he served 25 years in the U.S. Air Force. He is certified as a Gallup Strengths coach and Gallup Builder Profile 10 coach, as well as the Strong Interest Inventory used in career assessment.

Michael Quinn

With over 10 years of experience in the marketing arena, Michael Quinn has helped dozens of small businesses get loads of new phone calls through online marketing —primarily by getting them to the top of Google search results.

He owns and operates an online marketing company in Fargo and works with clients across the U.S. providing search engine marketing, Google pay-per-click, and Facebook advertising.

Michael squashes popular misinformation about social media marketing and focuses on data driven strategies that actually earn businesses money and most importantly, can be measured. Michael’s company is able to help businesses get an average of 30-40 additional phone calls each month.

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