On-Demand Learning

Let us help you create a professional development plan for your organization that will help grow your business.

What if…

  • You could access training that was fun and engaging?
  • You could train your entire staff quickly and efficiently without ever leaving your business?
  • You could track your employee’s progress by viewing their activity and tests online?
  • Programs could be used for training, coaching, refreshing learning, performance support, career development and meetings?

Get READY for...

A training program designed for TrainND SE clients and your employees.

Highly focused training that delivers high employee business impact
  • Develop high-impact leaders who will help grow your business.
  • Retain your best people by investing in their future to help them better serve customers in a welcoming and safe workplace.
  • Build and sustain customer loyalty with consistent and positive interactions.
On-Demand Learning Engaging Features
  • Content makes a difference!
  • Short video courses that can be completed at your desktop 24/7. (In addition, content is downloadable to iPads and other hand-held devices.)
  • Fun, engaging and easy.
  • Tracking and testing that enables you to follow employees’ progress.
How it works
  • Purchase a subscription.
  • TrainND will send a welcome email with password setup instructions.
  • TrainND can help with an employee kick-off, implementation ideas and incentive suggestions to get your program started.
  • TrainND provides highly focused training curriculums.
  • TrainND provides employee incentive ideas and recognition tools to build and sustain training momentum.
  • TrainND provides ongoing support. Our staff are available to answer questions and help you and your employees achieve desired outcomes.