NDSCS-Fargo Test Center

Distance and Online Learning Schedule (starting March 23)

During the Distance and Online Learning weeks (starting March 23rd), NDSCS Test Centers (Wahpeton & Fargo) will not offer face-to-face test proctoring. Instructors are aware students will not have access to a proctor while learning remotely. Students should work with their instructors on proctor requirements.

Students and faculty needing help with accommodated testing should work with Mindi Bessler, Accessibility Coordinator. Contact Mindi Bessler at 701-671-2623 or mindi.bessler@ndscs.edu.

For incoming students that would like to schedule placement testing, the Test Center will create Virtual Remote Vouchers for ACCUPLACER testing. Students need high-speed internet, a webcam, and a method to pay the $25 proctor fee to Examity online. Please contact the Test Center (Wahpeton) 701-671-2256 or email ndscs.testcenter@ndscs.edu.

NDSCS-Fargo provides proctoring for online testing and an alternative testing site for students who qualify.


1305 19th Ave. N.
Fargo, ND 58102



Spring Hours 

Please call 701-231-6919 or email ndscs.fargotest@ndscs.edu to schedule an appointment.

Special hours -

  • Closed on April 10
  • May 11-15 (Finals Week) Open Monday, Thursday & Friday 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.; Tuesday & Wednesday 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.

PLEASE NOTE: Students must allow sufficient time to begin and complete their exams prior to the closing time of the test center. If the test center proctor determines a student will not have time to complete their exam, the student may be asked to reschedule the test for a different day and time. If a student is unable to complete their exam prior to closing time, he/she will be asked to submit their exam as it is.

Click here for Wahpeton Test Center hours.

Scheduling/Online Testing

NDSCS Students taking NDSCS exams are not required to schedule exam times and service is free of charge.

Non-NDSCS students using proctoring services are required to schedule exam times at least two days in advance and will be charged a fee of $10 per exam.

Students who want to use the NDSCS-Fargo Test Center should email ndscs.fargotest@ndscs.edu to make arrangements, or contact Chelsie Bormann at 701-231-6919.

Online Class Exam Information

Some faculty require proctors for online exams. Where it is known, this requirement is indicated but may change without notice. Proctoring fees may be charged at some locations. Some instructors have additional restrictions so be sure to read the information provided in your class.

Test Center Rules
  • Student must show a student ID or picture ID to take test
  • Student must sign-in on the paper log and check out when done testing
  • No food or beverage allowed in the testing center
  • No cell phones allowed in the testing center
  • No MP3 or iPods allowed in the testing center
  • No book bags or handbags allowed in the testing center
  • No children allowed in the testing center
  • No books or notes allowed unless we are notified that the student is allowed to use books and/or notes for testing
  • If an exam needs to be mailed back to the instructor, the student is responsible for providing the envelope and postage
  • Please be quiet in the testing room to respect others who are testing