College Safety

Shelter in Place at NDSCS-Wahpeton lifted

The NDSCS Wahpeton Campus was put into a shelter in place status at approximately 7:39 pm in response to a shooting in the City of Wahpeton.  The shelter in place status has now been lifted.

 Law enforcement does not believe the public is in danger.  Individuals are advised to lock their doors and notify law enforcement of anything unusual or out of place.

Emergency Procedure Guide
Emergency Response Leadership

Leadership authority during an emergency shall flow through the following list of people:

  • Ann McGray, Director of Safety
Emergency Communications

During an emergency, NDSCS will use the following means and methods of communication. Emergency notifications will be conducted through the Emergency Notification System using the following methods: Landline Telephones, Cell phones, Texting and Email

Media Inquiries

Inquiries from the media during or after an emergency will be addressed by a Public Information Officer. Refer the media to the office of College Relations and Marketing at 701-671-2245.

Emergency Protocols

NDSCS Emergency Procedure Guide

CDC Resources

The CDC has links to several informational resources that college students my find helpful.

COVID-19 Information (NDSCS updates)

Monkeypox Information