Costs at NDSCS - Tuition & Expenses

NDSCS operates on the semester system. This means that students will pay major expenses at the beginning of each semester – September, January and June. Tuition rate and fees are based upon where you live and the number of credits you take.

See below for estimated average costs for the 2013-2014 academic year. Check back soon for 2014-2015 estimated average costs.

Click here to view Summer 2014 estimated average costs.

2013-2014 Estimated Average Costs

August 2013 - May 2014

These estimates will give you a general idea of what one academic year (fall and spring semesters) taking a 16-credit course load costs at NDSCS.

On-Campus with Meal Plan

Residents of all states and countries will be charged in-state tuition if living on-campus with a meal plan of 160 meals or greater.

All States/Countries$4,325$5,384$1,000$10,709

Off Campus or On-Campus without Meal Plan

North Dakota$4,325$5,384$1,000$10,709
Border States/Provinces$5,253$5,384$1,000$11,637
MN with Reciprocity$5,896$5,384$1,000$12,280
WUE & MSEP States$6,180$5,384$1,000$12,564
Other States and Countries$10,520$5,384$1,000$16,904

*The average amount for fees is $615 for all states. The remainder is tuition for an average of 16 credits each semester. The total does not include personal expenses. All rates are for two semesters.

  • Border States and Provinces: Manitoba, Montana, Saskatchewan, South Dakota
  • WUE States: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming (all programs except for A.S. in Dental Hygiene)
  • MSEP States: Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota without reciprocity, Missouri, Nebraska, Wisconsin

Tuition & Mandatory Fees

ResidencyTuition Per Credit Tuition & Fees* Per Credit
N.D. Resident$115.93$143.10
MN with Reciprocity$129.84$157.01
South Dakota, Montana, Saskatchewan and Manitoba Residents$144.91$172.08
MSEP or WUE Resident$173.90$201.07
Other Non-Residents and Other Canadian Providences$309.53$336.70

*Mandatory fees are assessed per credit, capping at 12 credits.

Fees per credit include: Student Service Fee $12.09, ConnectND Fee $6.75, Tech Fee $6.80, Assessment Fee $.50, NDSA Fee $.03 and Placement Fee $1.

Additional course and/or program fees may be charged based on the student's enrollment. Please refer to these categories below for additional information.

Additional Costs by Program

​Students in a number of academic programs should plan for additional expenses as part of their education. These added expenses include professional-quality tools and equipment such as laptop computers, required supplies such as uniforms and special books.

Students enrolled in the following programs should add the corresponding amounts to their estimated expenses. A (1) indicates the first year of a program, and a (2) indicates the second year.

Agriculture (1) $300
Architectural Drafting and Estimating Technology (1) $1,724
Associate in Science in Nursing (1) $1,880
Auto Body Repair and RefinishingTechnology (1) $4,115
Automotive Technology (1) $4,815
Automotive Technology (2) $640
Building Construction Technology (1) $1,541
Caterpillar Dealer Service Technician (1) $4,980
Construction Management Technology (1) $1,724
Culinary Arts (1) $920
Culinary Arts (2) $740
Dental Assisting (1) $1,015
Dental Assisting (2) $500
Dental Hygiene (1) $2,850
Diesel Technology (1) $5,280
Diesel Technology (2) $540
Electrical Technology (1)$1,005
Electrical Technology (2) $400
Emergency Medical Technician$450
HVAC/R Technology (1) $2,302
Information and Communications Technology$1,724
John Deere Technology (1) $4,740
Land Surveying and Civil Engineering Technology (1)$2,024
Land Surveying and Civil Engineering Technology (2)$300
Master Tech (Automotive/Diesel) $240
Mechatronics Technology (1)$1,648
Mechatronics Technology (2) $300
Occupational Therapy Assistant (1)$800
Paramedic Technology (1)$3,350
Paramedic Technology (2) $2,950
Pharmacy Technician (1) $550
Plumbing $454
Practical Nursing (1) $2,830
Practical Nursing (2)$1,285
Precision Machining Technology (1)$3,145
Precision Machining Technology (2) $500
Powersports Technology (1) $3,835
Powersports Technology (2) $440
Welding Technology (1) $1,575
Welding Technology (2) $400

Course Fees

A number of NDSCS classes assess special course fees to offset the cost of specific materials or technology needs. See the NDSCS Catalog or Course Schedules for course fees.

Room & Board

2013-2014 Rates

Visit Residential Life and Dining Services for more details.

Room Rates
Room TypeCost per SemesterYearly Cost
Robertson, Walton and Schulz Double$1,098$2,196
Robertson, Walton and Schulz Single$1,515$3,030
Nordgaard, Forkner and Riley Double$1,366$2,732
Nordgaard, Forkner and Riley Single$1,783$3,566
Nordgaard and Forkner Private$1,986$3,966
Apartment Rates
Apartment TypeMonthly RateSemester Rates
Northwest or Southeast College Complex - Double$205
Northwest or Southeast College Complex - Single$410
36 College Complex - Double$1,246
36 College Complex - Single$2,457
Dining Plans
Dining PlanNumber of Meals per Week on AverageCost per SemesterYearly Cost

Online & Distance Education

Tuition Per Credit Tuition & Fees* Per Credit
Online/Distance Education$115.93$187.50

*Mandatory fees are assessed per credit, capping at 12 credits.

Fees per credit include: Distance Access Fee $56.49, ConnectND Fee $6.75, Tech Fee $6.80, Assessment Fee $.50, NDSA Fee $.03 and Placement Fee $1.

Some online NDSCS programs charge program fees. These fees are charged each semester the student is enrolled in the program. Online programs charging program fees are listed below:

Program NamePart TimeFull Time*
Health Information Technician$4.17 per credit$50 per semester
HIT - Medical Coding$4.17 per credit$50 per semester
Pharmacy Technician$12.50 per credit$150 per semester

*Up to 12 credits per semester.

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