Parent & Family Guide

Family Member Checklist

Before your Family Member Starts College:

  • Hang up NDSCS Family Calendar so it is easily accessible. If you have a returning student and would like to request an NDSCS Family Calendar, please email
  • Ensure your family member’s FINAL official transcripts have been received by Enrollment Services. Transcripts MUST be received by January 9, 2017 for Spring semester (Questions: 701-671-2521).
  • Ensure your family member’s Immunization Records (MMR, Meningococcal) have been received by Student Health Services (Questions call: 701-671-2286).
  • Ensure your family member has completed the FAFSA (NOTE: the FAFSA process may take a month to complete).
  • If FAFSA does not provide enough aid to cover all costs, apply for an Alternative Student Loan.
  • Click here to find out more detailed information regarding financial aid.
  • Talk with your student about what they plan on bringing to campus.

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