Resources for Counselors

Welcome to the NDSCS Resources for Counselors section. This section of our site is meant to serve as a guide and to keep you informed on all things NDSCS as your students go through the college selection process.

LEARN Smarter and EARN Faster with NDSCS
  • 99% Plcaement After Graduation*
  • 3,000+ Students/Potential Friends
  • 80+ Career Paths
  • 95% of Students Receive Financial Aid
  • 4.1 Job Openings per Graduate*
  • 12:1 Student-to-Faculty Ratio
  • 1:1 Academic and Career Guidance
  • 9 On-Campus Housing Options

*2015 North Dakota State College of Science Graduate Placement Report.

Codes to Know
  • ACT Code: 3206
  • FAFSA Code: 002996


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