Quick Facts

History of NDSCS

NDSCS was founded in 1903 making it the second oldest public 2-year college in the country.

Placement Rate

98% of 2013 graduates are employed or continuing their education.

Academic Options at NDSCS

NDSCS offers over 80 academic options.

Automotive Diagnostics Certification Center

The Innovation Works Center at NDSCS sponsored by Snap-on Industrial boasts the latest Snap-on hand-held diagnostic equipment for auto repair (including) gas, diesel and hybrid vehicles. The center is part of a network of 17 training centers. NDSCS represents the Upper Midwest, offering training throughout the state and the region.

NDSCS nursing program ranks No. 1 in nation

Our Associate in Science in Nursing program received a No. 1 ranking out of 1,805 other registered nursing programs in the U.S. This ranking, which was recently reported by Mountain Measurements, Inc., is determined by the yearly National Council of Licensing Exam (NCLEX-RN) results. Twenty-three NDSCS nursing graduates took the NCLEX-RN exam last spring, making 2012 the third consecutive year in which the NDSCS ASN-RN program has achieved a 100 percent, first attempt pass rate.

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