NDSCS awards more than 60 Scholarships to area students

The North Dakota State College of Science recently awarded academic scholarships to 64 incoming first-year students. The scholarships recognize and reward students for academic achievement, test scores and participation in extracurricular and other volunteer activities. The scholarships are applicable during the 2017-2018 academic year. The honorees include:


Williston, N.D.: Brett Doeden, $1000



Palmer: Kamari Klawitter, $500

Akeley: Milena Cain, $1000
Baker: Ann Halverson, $1000
Breckenridge: Bradley Banken, $1000; Neriah Weinkauf, $1000
East Grand Forks: Christopher Kowalski, $500
Grand Marais: Emily-Kate Jacobsen, $500
Inver Grove Heights: Erich Gosswiller, $500
Moorhead: McKenna Michels, $1000
Morris: Piper Gibson, $1000; Kendra Jergenson, $1000
Park Rapids: Brooke Jerger, $500; Jack Walsh, $500
Perham: Jadyn Benedict, $1000; Olivia Strand, $500
Twin Valley: Janessa Bement, $1000

Glasgow: Trent Herbert, $1000

Barney: M'Kenna Krchnavy, $500
Bismarck: Breanna Gartner, $1000
Bottineau: Bailey Schmidt, $1000
Carrington: Justine Finch, $500
Dickinson: Kylie Lantz, $1000
Dwight: Janessa Pote, $500
Fargo: Derek Thompson, $500; Colin Vieweg, $500
Gackle: John Gutschmidt, $1000
Gardner: Nathan Bell, $500
Garrison: Evan Klein, $500
Grand Forks: Andrew Arnold, $1000; Heather Onstad, $1000; Bryce Reller, $500; Mychael Reller, $500; Kaitlin Schrader, $1000
Grandin: Mikayla Branden, $1000
Hankinson: Kaitlyn Hubrig, $500; Ashlynn Stirling, $500
Harwood: Brady Preston, $1000
Horace: Lane Jacobson, $1000
Jamestown: Donovan Ask, $500; Mackenzie Clark, $1000; Ian Johnson, $500
Makoti: Remington Bigelow, $1000
Medina: Dalton Dockter, $1000
Minot: Henry Lemar, $1000; Ariana Steller, $1000
New Rockford: Hannah Heinz, $1000
New Salem: Thad Norton, $500
Thompson: Caleb Horn, $1000
Wahpeton: Alison Greteman, $1000; Carter Kipp, $500; Isaac Samuels, $1000; Mason Vogeler, $500; Dylan Wolfgram, $500; Sylver Zimmerman, $500
Walhalla: Mandi Stark, $1000
Westhope: Emily Lesmann, $1000
Wyndmere: Aaron Bell, $500; Megan Strege, $1000

Lincoln: Morgan Larson, $1000

Milbank: Mikaela Hoeke, $1000
Peever: Karlie Karst, $500
Tyndall: Clay Wittmeier, $500
Webster: Ariana Storley, $500

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