Science of Leadership program fosters student leadership skills at NDSCS

Fifteen students at the North Dakota State College of Science are participating in the College’s Science of Leadership program during the Spring 2017 semester.

The students, along with their hometowns and program of study, are:
Lane Berger; Bismarck, N.D.; Land Surveying and Civil Engineering Technology
Lizzie Brown; Wahpeton, N.D.; Liberal Arts
Breanda Bursheim; Buffalo, Minn.; Occupational Therapy Assistant
Georges Creve-Coeur; Stamford, Conn.; Diesel Technology
Sami Hasbargen; Wahpeton, N.D.; Liberal Arts
Shanda Hayden; Fargo, N.D.; Dental Hygiene
Cynthia Heinis; Plankinton, S.D.; Liberal Arts
Addison Helgaas; Jamestown, N.D.; Liberal Arts
Heather Heyerman; St. Michael, Minn.; Business Management
Kody Lohse; Fergus Falls, Minn.; Business Management
Logan Meyer; Wahpeton, N.D.; Liberal Arts
Mason Rademacher; Sauk Rapids, Minn.; Liberal Arts
Lee Reinowski; Anamoose, N.D.; Architectural Drafting and Estimating Technology
Riley Thoma; Bagley, Minn.; Dental Hygiene
Megan Wilt; Wheaton, Minn.; Dental Hygiene

The Science of Leadership program, in its fourth year, engages students in existing leadership roles to further develop the skills necessary to become life-long leaders. The program seeks to foster students’ skills related to critical thinking, problem solving, communication, planning and organization.

Any student who serves as an officer in an official NDSCS student organization is eligible to apply and, if selected, participate in the Science of Leadership program and receive a $3,000 scholarship. The scholarships were made possible through a generous gift from Edson and Margaret Larson foundation, the North Dakota Higher Education Challenge Grant and the NDSCS Alumni/Foundation.

The program develops students’ leadership skills through an interactive and engaging leadership curriculum, provides experiential leadership learning opportunities and provides small-group mentoring from NDSCS professional staff members.

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