NDSCS Students Participate in North Dakota Intercollegiate Band Festival

Three students from the North Dakota State College of Science participated in the North Dakota Intercollegiate Band Festival in Fargo in February. The students are:
Anna Danforth, string bass, Monticello, Minn.
Katrina Goodhart, flute, Hawley, Minn.
Dilan Kluver-Pasche, trumpet, Hoffman, Minn.

The students participated in a series of rehearsals with students from 11 colleges and universities across the state, followed by a concert.

This is the first year NDSCS has participated in the North Dakota Intercollegiate Band, which is in its 16th year. The North Dakota Intercollegiate Band is a joint effort of collegiate band directors to provide a high-caliber musical experience to student musicians.

Department: Performing Arts

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