Dahlgren and Adam crowned 2016 NDSCS Homecoming Royalty

North Dakota State College of Science crowned the 2016 Homecoming King and Queen on Wednesday, September 21. Queen Katrina Dahlgren is from Breckenridge, Minn., and is pursuing a Dental Hygiene degree. She was sponsored by the Dental Club and Diesel Club. King Kyle Adam is from Oakes, N.D., and is pursuing a Diesel Technology degree. He was sponsored by the Dental Club as well as the Diesel Club. Dahlgren and Adam will preside over NDSCS Homecoming activities for the duration of the week.

The 2016 Homecoming Court also included:
• Baylee Pauling of Montevideo, Minn.; Business Management; sponsored by Collegiate DECA and the Campus Activities Board
• Lindsay Schneibel of Glenburn, N.D.; Occupational Therapy Assistant; sponsored by the Occupational Therapy Assistant Club and Electrical Club
• Carl Leinen of Fairmount, N.D.; Practical Nursing; sponsored by Student Practical Nursing Club and Concert Choir
• Colby Youngquist of Wahpeton, N.D.; Electrical Technology; sponsored by the NDSCS Ambassadors and the Wildcat Welcome Team

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