Letter to the Editor: NDSCS appreciates W-B’s understanding

I want to extend my sincerest appreciation to the Wahpeton and Breckenridge, Minnesota, communities for your warm welcome to North Dakota State College of Science students this fall. With the large infrastructure project occurring on campus, we know there have been added disruptions to community neighbors as the college strives to create a positive experience for new and returning students.

These disruptions were probably most noticeable during the late evening hours when NDSCS hosted outdoor street dances for the students. These events attracted more than 1,300 students during the three evenings and served an important purpose for the college.

Events, such as dances, aim to establish positive and healthy habits among our newest students while also providing opportunities for them to become connected to the college, their peers and the community. Research indicates that the first three weeks are most critical to a new student’s success, especially to those students who are at a higher risk of leaving before graduating. Social engagement opportunities are important components in connecting students to each other and reducing drop-out rates.

At NDSCS, we greatly appreciate the community’s understanding during these few nights of disruption in support of our long-term efforts to increase student success.

See the full Letter to the Editor online at wahpetondailynews.com.

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