NDSCS Announces Summer 2016 Graduates

The North Dakota State College of Science in Wahpeton, N.D., awarded degrees, diplomas and certificates to 67 Wahpeton, Fargo, N.D., and online graduates.

The graduates include:

Aurora: Meghan Meyer, A.A.S., Dental Assisting

Fort Polk: Gorvill Tirao, A.A.S., Pharmacy Technician

Baltimore: Darren Kelley, A.A., Liberal Arts

Anoka: Chelsea Russell, A.A., Liberal Arts
Brainerd: Benjamin Nelson, Certificate, Paramedic (EMT) Technology
Breckenridge: Jiawei Deng, A.A.S., Precision Machining Technology; Tierza Engen, A.S., Liberal Arts; Alicia Holzbauer, A.S., Liberal Arts
Breezy Point: Benjamin Tiedemann, Certificate, Paramedic (EMT) Technology
Buffalo: Breanda Bursheim, A.A., Liberal Arts
Coon Rapids: Yei Browne, A.A., Liberal Arts
East Grand Forks: KateLynn Kowalski, Certificate, Dental Assisting
Glyndon: Jesse Ingebretson, A.A.S., Paramedic (EMT) Technology
Grand Rapids: Mitchel Johnson, Certificate, Paramedic (EMT) Technology
Granite Falls: Nissa Washburn, A.A.S., Paramedic (EMT) Technology
Long Prairie: James Ruby, Certificate, Dental Assisting
Parkers Prairie: Shelby Westad, Certificate, Paramedic (EMT) Technology
Pelican Rapids: Dee Haiby, Certificate, Paramedic (EMT) Technology
Roseau: Jacob Hasson, Certificate, Paramedic (EMT) Technology
Sebeka: Renee Miller, Certificate, Paramedic (EMT) Technology
St. Cloud: Allen Skochenski, Certificate, Paramedic (EMT) Technology
Underwood: Michael Kugler, A.S., Liberal Arts
Vergas: Abe Johannes, A.A.S., Paramedic (EMT) Technology
Wadena: Jennifer Shreves, Certificate, Paramedic (EMT) Technology
Wheaton: Megan Wilt, Certificate, Dental Assisting

North Dakota:
Almont: Brittany Heid, Certificate, Dental Assisting
Belfield: Ashlee Wolf, Certificate, Dental Assisting
Bismarck: Samantha Baumgartner, A.A., Liberal Arts; Keith Hapip, Certificate, Paramedic (EMT) Technology; Mikaela Lynch, A.A.S., Dental Assisting; Sara Olufson, A.A.S., Dental Assisting
Casselton: LaCrisha Meyer, A.A., Liberal Arts
Christine: Ellie Krupich, A.A., Liberal Arts
Cooperstown: Annie Dewald, A.A.S., Health Information
Des Lacs: Chase Johnson, A.A.S., Paramedic (EMT) Technology
Dickinson: Brooklyn Decker, A.A.S., Dental Assisting; Stephanie Scherr, A.A.S., Dental Assisting
Dwight: Kaitlyn Woytassek, Certificate, Dental Assisting
Fargo: Kyle Anderson, Certificate, Paramedic (EMT) Technology; Kayla Carlson, A.A.S., Business Management; Ashley Christlieb, Certificate, Paramedic (EMT) Technology; Kailey Christlieb, Certificate, Paramedic (EMT) Technology; Jessyca Macklin, A.A., Liberal Arts; Kalisa Ndikubwimana, A.A.S., Pharmacy Technician; April Shone, A.A.S., Occupational Therapy Assistant; Joshua Zetocha, A.A.S., Paramedic (EMT) Technology
Fessenden: Kylie Ravnaas, Certificate, Dental Assisting
Fingal: MacKensie Pfaff, Certificate, Dental Assisting
Finley: Sarah Braaten, A.A.S., Paramedic (EMT) Technology
Glenburn: Payton Schumann, Certificate, Dental Assisting
Grand Forks: Brittney Moe, A.A.S., Occupational Therapy Assistant
Gwinner: Chelci Shirrell, A.A.S., Pharmacy Technician
Jamestown: Corey Gilge, A.A.S., Information and Communications Technology
Minot: Brianna Feehan, Certificate, Dental Assisting; Brittany Heidrich, Certificate, Dental Assisting
Mooreton: Carly Eback, A.A., Liberal Arts; Adam Marohl, A.A., Liberal Arts
Napoleon: Arron Marquart, A.A.S., John Deere Tech
Steele: Sadie Rohrich, A.A.S., Dental Assisting
Wahpeton: Joshua Deike, A.A.S., Paramedic (EMT) Technology
West Fargo: James Seefeldt, A.A.S., Paramedic (EMT) Technology
York: McKenzie Silliman, A.S., Liberal Arts

Willowick: Kirk Hartung, A.A.S., Architectural Drafting & Estimating Technology

Rhode Island:
Providence: Joseph Putu, A.A., Liberal Arts

South Dakota:
Redfield: Autumn Jungwirth, A.A., Liberal Arts
Wilmot: Macey Ebben, A.A.S., Pharmacy Technician

Madison: Matthew Schell, A.A.S., Paramedic (EMT) Technology

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