NDSCS Names Grindberg Vice President of Workforce Affairs

Tony Grindberg
Tony Grindberg

Tony Grindberg has been named Vice President of Workforce Affairs at the North Dakota State College of Science. Grindberg, who led the development and launched the initial operations of NDSCS-Fargo, will oversee the restructuring of the College’s Division of Workforce Development and expansion efforts in Cass County and the surrounding region. He will direct activities relating to the generation of revenue to support college-wide initiatives, strategic engagement with business and industry, oversee the management of TrainND in the southeast region of North Dakota and guide efforts to strengthen education partnership with K-12 education.

“Tony’s expertise, experience and passion make him the best person to help move NDSCS workforce strategic initiatives forward,” said Dr. John Richman, NDSCS President. “Tony will play a critical role in shaping the future of how NDSCS will educate and train the workforce for North Dakota and this region.”

In 1997, Grindberg’s leadership helped secure $2 million of private sector financial support to open the doors of the current home of NDSCS-Fargo, which has served more than 30,000 workforce and college students. Author of the Workforce Environmental Assessment, Grindberg notes that “the Fargo-Moorhead region has in the past and will continue to experience workforce shortages with occupations across all industry sectors.” Grindberg’s work at NDSCS will include highlighting the workforce shortage issue in the region and developing solutions to address the growing demand of skilled workers that will include enhanced partnership with K-12 education to align associate degree attainment as a first step in providing high school graduates with a life-long career pathway to success.

“Solving our region’s workforce challenges is vital to our long term economic growth. I am excited for the opportunity to lead NDSCS workforce initiatives and implement solutions to meet our region’s growth projections,” said Grindberg.

“Tony Grindberg’s results-driven track record and his experience in economic and workforce development, both as a state senator and economic development professional, is exactly what our region requires to advance workforce strategy. On behalf of The Fargo-Moorhead-West Fargo Chamber, we welcome Tony’s leadership to advance workforce development initiatives for our region,” said Craig Whitney, President & CEO.

A reorganization of the NDSCS Workforce Affairs Division, that has spanned six months, has enabled the Vice President of Workforce Affairs position to be created without tapping into additional state appropriated funds. This position is funded through a combination of state appropriated funds previously earmarked for the Division and revenue generated by that Division.

A Fargo City Commissioner, Grindberg represented south Fargo in the North Dakota Legislature for 22 years before not seeking another term in 2014. He was head of the NDSU Technology and Research Park and also worked for an aerospace company. He’s been consulting businesses since January 2016.

Grindberg earned his A.S. from North Dakota State College of Science and B.S. from Minnesota State University Moorhead.

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