Daily News: Teamwork, giving back taught through doghouse construction

Photo by Frank Stanko, Wahpeton Daily News
Photo by Frank Stanko, Wahpeton Daily News

By Frank Stanko

Working as a team goes a long way in construction.

Bryan Wolfgram, an associate professor of building construction technology at North Dakota State College of Science in Wahpeton, teaches that. From Monday, June 13-Thursday, June 16, he taught it to a less than expected group of students.

“Forty-one high school career and technical instructors, guidance and career counselors and administrators attended NDSCS’ 10th annual Career Awareness Seminar,” said Jim Johnson, the college’s Twin Cities enrollment services specialist. “They learned about new and emerging technologies in the areas of transportation, construction, manufacturing, agriculture and health care.”

The high school faculty who visited Wolfgram were put to work, assembling doghouses donated Friday, June 17 to the Humane Society of Richland/Wilkin Counties, 18039 79 1/2 St. SE, Wahpeton.

“When I initiated contact with (the Humane Society), they asked, ‘Could you please make them large enough for a Labrador or a German Shepherd, a larger dog?’ And that was the only stipulation they made,” Wolfgram said.

Wolfgram created a 23-piece design. He precut the material and had his faculty helpers put them together.

“A part of what we do what we do with our construction students … when they go back to wherever they come from, to become a decent member of society, an active member of society, they should give back some of the talents that they have. … Whether it’s to give back to their churches, or Habitat For Humanity, (it’s important) to help others out at times. And so I tie that back to the teachers, too, that they’re helping out the Humane Society with their donation of their time and learning how to use these tools to put things together,” Wolfgram said.

Seminar participants are “so involved,” said Barbara Bang, dean of NDSCS’ technologies and services division. She was thrilled that Wolfgram could put together such a creative idea for the seminar.

“And of course, I’m an absolute supporter of the Humane Society, I love them and I love the work that they do,” Bang said. “Isn’t this wonderful to not just create something, build it, tear it apart and then throw it away?”

Full article from Wahpeton Daily News.

Department: Building Construction Technology

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