NDSCS Auto Body Repair & Refinishing Technology program receives National Reaccreditation

The North Dakota State College of Science Auto Body Repair and Refinishing Technology program recently received reaccreditation by the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF).

To achieve this coveted recognition, the College’s Auto Body Repair & Refinishing Technology program underwent rigorous evaluation by NATEF. Nationally accepted standards of excellence in areas such as instruction, facilities and equipment were used.

“This is great news for automotive-minded young people and their parents,” said Donald Seyfer, former NATEF Chair. “Because this program increases cooperation between local education and industry leaders, it gives added assurance that NDSCS graduates will be employable entry-level technicians. As a result of the quality education provided by NDSCS, the motoring public will benefit since better repair technicians will join the work force.”

Upon completion of the evaluation, the College became reaccredited by NATEF, a non-profit, independent organization that evaluates and accredits entry-level technician training programs against standards developed by the automotive industry.

“During the past few months, we have worked closely with NATEF to make certain that our program would meet strict industry standards and we are pleased to once again join the ranks of the NATEF accredited training programs,” said James Erdahl, NDSCS Automotive Repair & Refinishing Technology Program Chair and Associate Professor. “NDSCS students are guaranteed to receive a quality education while shop owners can be confident of obtaining quality job applicants.”

To learn more about the NDSCS Automotive Repair & Refinishing Technology program, including certificate and A.A.S. degree options, visit www.ndscs.edu/autobody or call 1-800-342-4325 ext. 2521.

Department: Auto Body Repair and Refinishing Technology

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