NDSCS Automotive Technology department receives Vehicle Donation

Thanks to a General Motors donation from Gateway Chevrolet in Fargo, N.D., the Automotive Technology department at the North Dakota State College of Science recently received a 2014 Chevrolet Silverado pickup.

The pickup will be used to provide hands-on training to students, including automotive diagnostic and repair work, four-wheel drive, engine/transmission systems, and installation, care and repair of vehicle accessories.

“We are so very grateful to Gateway Chevrolet for the donation of this Chevy pickup to our program,” said Peter Mandt, NDSCS Automotive Technology Associate Professor and Program Coordinator. “This vehicle will allow our students to gain invaluable, hands-on experience as they delve into the science and technology behind this General Motors pickup.”

To learn more about the NDSCS Automotive Technology program, including certificate, diploma, A.A.S. degree and other specialty options, visit www.ndscs.edu/automotive or call 1-800-342-4325 ext. 2521.

Department: Automotive Technology

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