NDSCS Precision Machining Technology Student wins Oktoberfest Student Demo Contest

North Dakota State College of Science graduate Matt Niess recently won the Oktoberfest Student Demo Contest earlier this fall. Niess, a Minot, N.D. native, is a 2015 graduate from the NDSCS Precision Machining Technology program.

Productivity Inc. hosts one of the largest single distributer machine tool technology biennial shows, known as "Oktoberfest", that demonstrates the latest technology available in the industry. Last spring, Niess designed a piston demo part which was demonstrated on a Haas Machine during the recent weeklong Oktoberfest show.

In recognition, Niess received two prizes while the NDSCS Precision Machining Technology department received a Haas Control Simulator. Niess is also a STEM scholar recipient and a fifth place SkillsUSA participant.

Department: Precision Machining Technology

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