WDAY: NDSCS student training with F-M Ambulance will go home as Ghana’s first paramedic

Photo courtesy of wday.com
Photo courtesy of wday.com

By Kevin Wallevand

A student who is training to become a paramedic in Fargo-Moorhead will return home a hero of sorts. Abdul-Rahman Mohammed attends NDSCS and F-M Ambulance as he prepares to become the first ever paramedic in Ghana.

It won't be that long until young men and women will be some of the newest paramedics in our region, but one of the NDSCS students who, with his class, trains at F-M Ambulance will travel beyond the borders of Fargo-Moorhead. Abdul-Rahman Mohammed will head home to Ghana.

"I will be the first paramedic in Ghana, yes. Pretty amazing," Mohammed said.

That's right, the first ever paramedic in the African country of Ghana.

"I will go back home and help develop a robust EMS system," Mohammed said.

They have EMTs, but no trained paramedics.

"And you think of all the things we have and think about going to a hospital. Not a big deal. Pick them up and go to a hospital. When you talk to them, they have decide what hospital, where is there a doctor available," Ron Lawler with F-M Ambulance said.

The North Dakota Guard has a long, close relationship with Ghana. Now this. Training paramedics like Abdul.

"When you go back home with this knowledge, this rich knowledge, and the goal is to back home and teach and share it with my people," Mohammed said.

Abdul will not only be a paramedic in the field in Ghana, but will teach others changing the face of emergency medicine for an entire country.

40 paramedic students will graduate from the program and head out to small towns and cities across the region.

Ghana has a population of 27 million.

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Department: Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

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