Daily News: NDSCS student wins Harley Davidson for college

By Frank Stanko

North Dakota State College of Science student Austin Olin came in first place at the National Leadership and Skills Championships held by SkillsUSA last June in Louisville, Ky., and won a Harley Davidson motorcycle for the school. Olin, who majored in powersports technology and graduated from NDSCS in May, showed off his motorcycle servicing skills at the championships. He demonstrated servicing an engine, performing a 360-degree inspection of the vehicle, electrical diagnostic work, taking measurements and writing a repair order. The motorcycle, a custom built 2013 Street Glide, belongs to NDSCS, which will use it for student training. Olin won a toolbox with Snap-On tools, plus gift cards to Carhartt, which sells work clothes and home improvement chain Lowes.

Full article from the Wahpeton Daily News

Department: Powersports Technology

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