NDSCS celebrates completion of Earl “Skip” Bute Alumni Stadium reconstruction

Stadium Grand Opening Program and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony showcase Athletic complex reconstruction

The newly reconstructed Earl “Skip” Bute Alumni Stadium officially celebrated its completion today in Wahpeton at the North Dakota State College of Science.

Thanks to the fundraising efforts of the Alumni Foundation and Athletics department, Wahpeton Public Schools and NDSCS Student Senate support, the Stadium renovation is now complete and student athletes, coaches and fans alike are all enjoying a fully functional Athletic complex.

“The final completion of the Stadium reconstruction is quite the achievement, both for NDSCS and Wahpeton schools,” said Dr. John Richman, NDSCS President. “Since funds for the improvements were not state-appropriated, many people – from the Athletics department in conjunction with our Alumni Foundation to numerous community members – spent a great deal of time and energy to make it a reality.”

Capital for the Stadium reconstruction was collected through several private donations from alumni and friends, fundraising efforts and the Locker Room Campaign as well as from the Wahpeton High School. Discussions for the reconstruction and pre-design began in Fall of 2010, while the actual renovation itself started in the Summer of 2014 and wrapped up during the Summer of 2015.

The $1.5 million Stadium renovation resulted in a new retail outlet for the NDSCS Bookstore, an updated concession area, revamped locker rooms, a new training room and equipment storage area, a larger and more functional Catbacker room, renovated public restrooms, new cement, an updated water and sewer system, and a new ticket booth resembling the iconic Old Main steeple.

“The Alumni Stadium is always packed with proud alumni, students and friends for Wildcat and Husky football games, and we’re happy to provide an enhanced area for these College and community events,” said Stu Engen, NDSCS Athletic Director and Head Men’s Basketball Coach.

For many years, the Wahpeton Huskies have played on the gridiron and shared the Earl “Skip” Bute Alumni Stadium. Area schools also use the facility for regional and state track meets, as well as for other events such as football camps.

The program concluded with a special ribbon cutting and self-guided tours of the new Stadium facility. For additional information, please visit www.ndscs.edu/rebootthebute.

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