Prairie Business: Tri-College University adds members

The Tri-College University, a collaboration among Concordia College in Moorhead, Minn., Minnesota State University Moorhead and North Dakota State University, has expanded to include two two-year schools - Minnesota State Community and Technical College (M State) and North Dakota State College of Science. The TCU agreement allows students at any of the participating institutions to take courses at any of the campuses without paying additional tuition fees.

“This expansion agreement gives the TCU partnership the equivalent size of a Big 10 campus in our area, and one that will be of vital importance as we continue to focus on a diverse knowledge based economy,” said TCU Provost Tim Flakoll.

M State has campuses in Moorhead, Detroit Lakes, Fergus Falls and Wadena, Minn., but the TCU partnership will focus on the Moorhead campus. NDSCS has a main campus in Wahpeton, N.D., and a smaller campus in Fargo. While the TCU now includes more than three campuses, the name will remain the same, according to the group.

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