Daily News: Agreement is ‘historic step forward’

By Matthew Liedke

Tri-College University board unanimously voted to add NDSCS to its partnership

North Dakota State College of Science is expanding its educational opportunities to other institutions in the region and vice versa thanks to an invitation to join the Tri-College University.

The Tri-College University is a partnership including Minnesota State University Moorhead, North Dakota State University and Concordia College and has been in service for 45 years.

Last week, the Tri-College University board of directors voted unanimously to add both NDSCS and Minnesota State Community and Technical College to its partnership.

According to a release from the Tri-College University, the agreement will allow undergraduate students to take courses outside of their home campus at any one of the partner campuses without paying any additional fees or tuition.

“We’re very appreciative of the TCU board and Provost (Tim) Flakoll,” NDSCS President Dr. John Richman said. “We’re appreciative of the invitation and we are very excited that they see the value of having associate degrees now as an option for all students who wish to participate.”

In a release, Flakoll said the Tri-College University has already been identified as improving student retention and graduation needs, providing more transfer opportunities and enhanced professional development opportunities.

The partnership isn’t limited to location, either, as students from the Wahpeton campus, Fargo facility or online can attend all four institutions seamlessly, according to Richman.

The partnership will take effect during the fall semester of 2015, however, Richman said the numbers may be lower for the first term.

“Many students have already registered for fall,” Richman said. “There’s also students who aren’t aware this is an option. So the next semester may not be a true indication of what may happen in the future.

“The partnership is for a three-year time-span,” Richman continued. “During those three years we will promote on all five campuses the opportunities that are there and we will see what the results bring.”

“This is a historic step forward as we continue to strive to be visionary and focused on providing high quality programs to meet the needs of our stakeholders,” Flakoll said.

“We see great benefits for the students from all five of our institutions and we see great advantages for the economy, culture and civic strength of the Fargo-Moorhead community,” added Dr. William Craft, member of the Tri-College University board of directors in a release.

“From our perspective, our belief is that this will be a greater opportunity for our liberal arts transfer students,” Richman said. “From a business standpoint, if you need a workforce and you’re looking to relocate or expand, having 35,000 available students is a plus for a business."

“We really see it strengthening the region,” Richman continued. “It’s a way to recruit business and to recruit students.”

Full article from the Wahpeton Daily News

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