NDSCS announces new Practical Nursing option for fall 2015

Earn an A.A.S. degree in Practical Nursing in southeast North Dakota

Thanks to a new practical nursing option added at the North Dakota State College of Science, students looking to complete a practical nursing degree in southeast North Dakota, need look no further.

The NDSCS North Dakota Southeast Practical Nursing option will be delivered over a three-year period in the Oakes, N.D. area to allow students to continue with current employment and maintain other responsibilities.

“We are very pleased to be adding this unique and innovative nursing option available through NDSCS,” said Dr. John Richman, NDSCS President. “This is a great time for healthcare in the state of North Dakota and the need for well-educated nurses is incredibly high-demand.”

Students will benefit from evening classes designed specifically for adults, clinicals that will take place in southeast North Dakota, and convenient classes, including online, interactive TV network and face-to-face options.

Program graduates will earn an Associate in Applied Science degree in Practical Nursing. Curriculum will include a focused study in clinical affiliations in adult, maternal-child, psychiatric, long-term care, home health and clinical nursing.

Prospective students can learn more about the NDSCS North Dakota Southeast Practical Nursing option by visiting www.ndscs.edu/practicalnursing-se or by calling the Mayme Green Allied Health Center at 701-671-2333.

Department: Nursing

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