Daily News: 2015 NDSCS Commencement

By Matthew Liedke

It was the end to a journey that started many months ago for the graduating students at North Dakota State College of Science’s commencement ceremony Friday afternoon.

Speakers at the event included Janice Hoffarth, North Dakota State Board of Higher Education, Nikolas Kukert, president of the NDSCS Student Senate and NDSCS President Dr. John Richman.

Accompanying the speakers was a pair of musical selections performed by the NDSCS Wildcat Singers.

The commencement ceremony was made particularly special due to the honorary associate degrees that were given to former representatives Clark Williams and the late John Wall, two legislators well known for their dedication to education.

John Wall’s honorary degree was accepted by his widow, Margaret Wall, and both she and Williams talked about the benefits NDSCS provides to the community.

Full article from the Wahpeton Daily News

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