Daily News: ‘It’s On Us’ Take the pledge

By Matthew Liedke

NDSCS joins national movement to stand against sexual assault

Students at North Dakota State College of Science have joined a national campaign to take sexual assault awareness and prevention into their own hands.

A video recently, produced by the NDSCS Student Life Department, featured students taking a pledge to not just be a bystander when they see something happening and take action and explained that “It’s On Us.”

The It’s On Us campaign was launched by President Barack Obama. Multiple other institutions, from Stanford University to the University of Pittsburgh, along with NDSCS, have joined the cause.

“In a way, it works in with our larger Red Flag Campaign we have here at NDSCS,” said Kerri Kava, assistant director of Student Life. “The It’s On Us campaign and the Red Flag effort both talk about bystander intervention and being a responsible citizen and sticking up for those people who need help.”

At the end of April, NDSCS held a number of activities to promote the Red Flag campaign.

“It educates them on what consent is, how to be a good citizen and to do something to take action,” said Elizabeth Phares-Oren, community development assistant director of Residential Life.

Kava explained that she found out about the It’s On Us videos and campaign and decided to create one for NDSCS with the help of the campus Media Squad.

The Media Squad is a newer campus group that has been operating for two years. They brought in students and asked if they wanted to be part of it.

“There were a lot of students who felt very strongly about it,” Kava said. “After the video came out, I started to see a lot of instructors and staff members interact with the effort, too. They’ve used the It’s On Us logo as their profile pictures and share the video. They’ve taken their own stance.”

“I think they like to see the students be part of that and students like to see their peers as part of that,” Phares-Oren said. “Our Student Senate talked very positively about it after it was released.”

Kava said she would like to see more videos come out in the future and be made part of the overall campus initiative that will continue next fall.

“This is the first year of the Red Flag campaign and because of its success, we do plan to have it again next year,” Phares-Oren said. “And in the fall we will provide information to the students at the residential halls about these topics and we will have the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes, too.”

For more information on the It’s On Us campaign visit www.itsonus.org. The YouTube video can be seen at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rijdEhfksCE.

Full article from the Wahpeton Daily News

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