Williams and Wall named NDSCS Honorary Associate Degree Recipients

Clark Williams and the late John Wall to be honored at Commencement Ceremony on May 15

The North Dakota State College of Science has named Clark Williams, former State Representative, and the late John Wall, former State Representative, as Honorary Associate Degree recipients. Both recipients will be honored on Friday, May 15 in Wahpeton during the College’s commencement ceremony.

The Honorary Associate Degree recognizes worthy candidates recommended by the North Dakota University System Chancellor or President of the nominating institution. Factors in considering a candidate for the Honorary Associate Degree may include, but are not limited to: association with the state of North Dakota, and level of distinction and recognition in the candidate’s profession or area of excellence.

Williams, a former State Representative, represented the 25th district from 1983-1987 and again from 2003-2014 as a Democrat. An alumnus of North Dakota State University (NDSU) and Valley City State University (VCSU), he is a retired educator with 38 years under his belt (32 years at Wahpeton Senior High). A former co-chair of the 25th District NPL Party, Williams is also involved with the Wahpeton Eagles.

An Enderlin, N.D. native, Wall, who passed away on July 18, 2014, was a State Representative, representing the 25th district since 2005 as a Republican. An alumnus of NDSU and VCSU, he began his teaching career in 1970 and retired 34 years later. Wall served as past President for both the North Dakota Department of Career and Technical Education (NDCTE) and Northern Interscholastic Press Association and was also a member of the Bagg Bonanza Farm Historic Preservation Society.

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