NDSCS Celebrates Agawasie Day on Thursday, May 7

NDSCS Celebrates Agawasie Day on Thursday, May 7

North Dakota State College of Science students, faculty and staff will celebrate Agawasie Day on Thursday, May 7 on the Wahpeton campus.

Events begin on The Oval at noon and include free food, competitions (car show, volleyball, tug-o-war and the Burnout), inflatables, numerous attractions and an evening street dance set to begin at 9 p.m.

In 1914, the College published its first yearbook called the Agawasie. While the origin of the name is obscure, an earlier issue of the annual explained it as an Indian word for “Ascience.” The arrival of the annual became a day for celebration, hence the start of the annual Agawasie Day Picnic. While publishing an annual yearbook was discontinued in 2004, the day for celebration still lives on as Agawasie Day and is celebrated every year right before the start of finals.

For more information about Agawasie Day, including a complete listing of events and details, go to www.ndscs.edu/agawasie.

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