Daily News: Partnership helps students attain degrees

New collaboration offers a smooth path to transfer credits for degree completion

Students who transfer from North Dakota State College of Science in Wahpeton and Fargo to North Dakota State University will have an opportunity to earn an associate degree from the Wahpeton institution through a new program brought forth thanks to a partnership between the two schools.

“The bottom line is that we know there are students who leave NDSCS without achieving a degree, for a number of reasons,” said Philip Parnell, associate vice president of Academic and Student Affairs. “They do it with the best of intentions, because they figure they will finish their degree at NDSU. In most instances that happens, but in some cases it doesn’t.

“What we tried to work out was a system where a student can go to NDSCS, earn a certain number of credits and be introduced to a program,” Parnell continued. “The goal is to give these students a degree that we know they will need for employment.”

Under the agreement, students who transfer from NDSCS to NDSU before completing a degree will have an opportunity to apply credits from both institutions toward an associate degree. The students will qualify when they have earned at least 36 credits from NDSCS and at least 15 credits from NDSU.
The agreement establishes a policy and process for NDSU students to transfer their NDSU coursework to NDSCS for the purpose of obtaining an associate degree. Parnell said the work on the agreement started during the 2014 fall semester and was finalized in late February with the implementation of the program to take place in fall of this year.

“The relationship and working with NDSU is phenomenal,” Parnell said. “We partner on so many things and everyone is easy to work with. But what I like most is that we both come from the same point of view with putting the students first.”

During the announcement of the partnership on April 7, NDSU President Bresciani said, “North Dakota wins when we educate more citizens.”

“NDSU is proud to partner with NDSCS to better serve our students,” Bresciani continued. “This collaboration offers a smooth path to transfer for degree completion.”

The reverse transfer agreement is the first of its kind in the state of North Dakota, according to the press release.

Full article from the Wahpeton Daily News

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