NDSCS and NDSU partner for student success

New agreement offers seamless transfers to encourage degree completion

North Dakota State College of Science and North Dakota State University announced a new partnership that will give students an additional opportunity to use credits they have earned to complete a degree.

NDSCS and NDSU entered into a Reverse Transfer Agreement today. It is the first of its kind in the state of North Dakota and will give students access to a seamless system by which they can receive an associate degree.

“This innovative partnership will provide students in a variety of situations a flexible option to obtain an associate degree,” said NDSCS President John Richman. “We are pleased to collaborate with NDSU to offer another path for student success.”

Under the agreement, students who transfer from NDSCS to NDSU before completing a degree will have an opportunity to apply credits from both institutions toward an associate degree. The students will qualify when they have earned at least 36 credits from NDSCS and at least 15 credits from NDSU.

The agreement establishes a policy and process for NDSU students to transfer their NDSU coursework to NDSCS for the purpose of obtaining an associate degree.

“NDSU is proud to partner with NDSCS to better serve our students. This collaboration offers a smooth path to transfer for degree completion,” said NDSU President Dean L. Bresciani. “North Dakota wins when we educate more citizens.”

The agreement aligns with the State Board of Higher Education’s mission and vision for the system. “Its five-year strategic plan, the NDUS Edge, launched in January and serves as the roadmap to implementation of the Board’s vision,” said Larry C. Skogen, interim chancellor of the North Dakota University System. “Today’s agreement supports all of the plan’s goals, especially helping students succeed by increasing graduation rates and using the strengths of the system in a focused way to provide a clear path to a degree.”

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