Daily News: Barbie triage

By Matthew Liedke

NDSCS nursing students take care of unorthodox victims for class

North Dakota State College of Science nursing students trained with a different sort of patient Wednesday, as class instructors set up simulated trauma scenarios with Barbie dolls as the victims.

Scenarios included an explosion, an airplane crash, a car accident and a tornado with the dolls being made to depict victims who would appear in these types of events.

According to Associate Professor Ruth Gladen, the training allowed the students to work in groups and assess the victims according to their injuries. Additionally, Student learned how to determine and prioritize the care each will receive.

Rachel Moszer, an instructor who was overseeing the class, explained that the idea came from a conference she attended where it was used to build critical thinking and leadership skills.

Wednesday’s exercise put to the test many of the skills that the students, who are in their final semester, have learned throughout the course.

Full article from the Wahpeton Daily News

Department: Nursing

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