NDSCS graduates 82 students

The North Dakota State College of Science awarded degrees, diplomas and certificates to 82 graduates from the Wahpeton and Fargo locations at the conclusion of the 2014 fall semester. The graduates include:

Marquette: Aereauna Houle, A.A., Liberal Arts

Ada: Lauren Birkemeyer, A.A., Liberal Arts; Megan Kolness, A.A., Liberal Arts
Alexandria: Trisha Underdahl, A.A.S., Paramedic (EMT) Technology
Annandale: Breanna Hanan, A.A.S., Practical Nursing
Anoka: Austin Cermak, A.A.S., Culinary Arts
Bagley: Angela Ronning, A.A.S., Practical Nursing
Breckenridge: Natasha Achter, A.A.S., Practical Nursing; Dacie Essig, A.A., Liberal Arts; Erika Koppelman, A.A., Liberal Arts; Dylan Summerville, A.A.S., Business Management: Business Technology Management
Brooklyn Park: Joseph Tarwai, A.A., Liberal Arts
Browns Valley: Aaron Toelle, A.A.S., Agriculture: Farm Management
Crookston: Mitchell Kraft, A.A.S., Information and Communications Technology: Information Systems Administrator
East Grand Forks: Jessie Joubert, A.A.S., Business Management: Marketing Management
Elbow Lake: Melissa Epperson, A.A.S., Pharmacy Technician
Erskine: John Morrison, Certificate, Paramedic (EMT) Technology
Fergus Falls: Chase Johansen, A.A.S., Automotive Technology
Forest Lake: Garrett Neuman, A.A.S., Automotive and Diesel Master Technician
Graceville: Ashley Gilsdorf, A.A.S., Practical Nursing; Hannah Lupkes, A.A.S., Practical Nursing
Hector: Joshua Mellies, A.A.S., Diesel Technology
Hutchinson: Morgan Julius, A.A., Liberal Arts
International Falls: Lisa Hanover, A.A.S., Paramedic (EMT) Technology; Cara Taschuk, Certificate, Paramedic (EMT) Technology
Moorhead: Michael Monson, Certificate, Paramedic (EMT) Technology
Otsego: Jennifer Olejar, A.S., Liberal Arts
Ottertail: Katie Carr, A.A.S., Practical Nursing
Perham: Laine Miller, A.A.S., Dental Assisting
St. Joseph: Spencer Gebhardt, Certificate, Paramedic (EMT) Technology
St. Paul: Andre Schowalter-Perry, A.A.S., Business Management: Marketing Management
Two Harbors: Brooke Fletcher, A.A.S., Paramedic (EMT) Technology
Waconia: Alexander Willems, A.A., Liberal Arts

Miles City: Nathan Hoff, A.A.S., Electrical Technology: Industrial

Abercrombie: Shawn Paczkowski, A.A.S., Agriculture: Crop Production Sales and Technology
Ashley: Michael Wolf, A.A.S., Diesel Technology
Barney: Paige Bladow, A.A., Liberal Arts
Beulah: Kale Steffenson, A.A.S., Electrical Technology: Industrial
Bismarck: Heather Mihulka, A.A.S., Occupational Therapy Assistant
Crosby: Jenna Brady, A.A.S., Agriculture: Crop Production Sales and Technology; Tyler Brady, A.A.S., Electrical Technology: Construction
Devils Lake: Joshua Bierman, Certificate, Paramedic (EMT) Technology
Elgin: James Joyce, A.A.S., Diesel Technology
Enderlin: Stephanie Stensgard, A.A.S., Agriculture: Crop Production Sales and Technology
Fargo: Heather Anderson, A.A., Liberal Arts; Meghan Raedel, A.A.S., Practical Nursing; Katina Rorvig, A.S., Liberal Arts; Miles Solberg, Diploma, Automotive Technology
Finley: Richard Campbell, Certificate, Pharmacy Technician
Grafton: Jason Mell, A.A.S., Practical Nursing
Grandin: Curtis Weible, Certificate, Paramedic (EMT) Technology
Hatton: Briannah Pierce, A.A.S., Practical Nursing
Horace: Courtney Cullen, A.A., Liberal Arts: Business Administration
Jamestown: Daniel Lusby, Jr., A.A.S., Mechanical Systems; Matthew Sharp, A.A.S., Building Construction Technology; Kylie Tripp, A.A.S., Practical Nursing
Kindred: Sean Cose, A.A.S., Agriculture: Crop Production Sales and Technology
Lisbon: Megan Prante, A.A.S., Business Management: Marketing Management
Mandan: Brock Wynstra, A.A.S., Diesel Technology
Mantador: Ashley Haus, A.A.S., Practical Nursing
Mapleton: Tiffany January, A.A., Liberal Arts: Social Work
Minot: Jonathan DeJesus, Diploma, Automotive Technology
Oakes: April Hayenga, A.A.S., Practical Nursing
Reeder: Dalton Mellmer, A.A.S., Diesel Technology
Rugby: Erik Wangler, A.A.S., Electrical Technology: Construction
Sawyer: Kalissa Syverson, A.A.S., Agriculture: Crop Production Sales and Technology
St. John: Bailey Stewart, A.A.S., Practical Nursing
Wahpeton: Jonathan Daeuber, A.A.S., Paramedic (EMT) Technology; Chelsie Habiger, A.A., Liberal Arts; Cooper Krause, A.A., Liberal Arts; Brandi Matejcek, A.A.S., Practical Nursing; Alexander Smedberg, A.S., Liberal Arts; Shannon Thompson, A.S., Liberal Arts; Theresa Vaagen, A.A., Liberal Arts; Tayler Ward, A.A., Liberal Arts; Samuel Weisz, A.A., Liberal Arts
West Fargo: Ryan Johnson, A.A.S., Practical Nursing; Anthony Kelley, A.A., Liberal Arts
Willow City: Everett Lervik, A.A.S., Agriculture: Crop Production Sales and Technology

Watertown: Ashley Keiser, A.A., Liberal Arts

Basye: Jarad Kriz, A.A.S., Technical Studies
Chesapeake: Deana Aissaoui, A.A.S., Practical Nursing

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