Daily News: Looking to the future

By Matthew Liedke

North Dakota State College of Science is on the right track, according to President Dr. John Richman, who discussed a list of accomplishments during his annual address to faculty and alumni Wednesday.

During his speech, Richman listed the following accomplishments:

  • NDSCS LPN and RN nursing students achieved a 100 percent pass rate on their NCLEX exam.
  • The John Deere Tech program has been recognized as the number 1 program in the country
  • More than $4.6 million has been awarded to various departments in grants and awards
  • Almost $10 million in capital improvement projects are currently in progress
  • For the third consecutive year, NDSCS has been recognized as one of the best two-year colleges in the nation, this year it was from the Chronicle of Higher Ed.

During the address, Richman also brought up and discussed strategic goals that the college started in 2013 and looks to continue through 2016. Those goals include:

  • Enhancing student learning success
  • Meeting the workforce and educational needs of Fargo/West Fargo
  • Utilizing technology to enhance the student’s collegiate experience
  • Develop stronger relationships with K-12 partners with a focus on the southeast region
  • Secure external resources.

Also speaking during the event was North Dakota University System President Dr. Larry Skogen.

In his speech, Skogen discussed the current population growth in North Dakota and how the state is becoming younger. Skogen said that these factors will have a heavy impact on the future of higher education in North Dakota.

At the end of the ceremony, Richman thanked the faculty and staff of NDSCS for making the success at the school possible.

“I thank our great faculty and staff. It is because of your efforts that more and more people have an ever-increasing awareness, better understanding and appreciation of the role that NDSCS plays in enriching people’s lives as well as the role that the college plays in the economic vitality of North Dakota,” Richman said.

Full article from the Wahpeton Daily News

Photo courtesy of the Wahpeton Daily News

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