NDSCS honors employee efforts with 2014 LIFE and Steeple awards

North Dakota State College of Science recently honored a number of employees with the annual LIFE and Steeple awards on October 29, 2014. The presentations were made in Wahpeton, N.D., to those involved with the Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training Grant (TAACCCT), the Frosty Games and the Academic Advising Shared Drive.

The LIFE Award stands for “Bringing LIFE to NDSCS” and is presented to an individual, employee group or committee. Criteria for the award includes developing and implementing an action plan to meet the College’s Strategic Planning and/or Academic Quality Improvement Project goals. This year’s LIFE Award was presented to those involved with the procurement of the TAACCCT Grant. The recipients included: Jodi Ost, Steve Johnson, Clint Gilbertson, Joel Johnson, Joe Schreiner, Ivan Mass, Slade Fitzgerald, Barb Bang and Shane Suko.

Through the TAACCCT Grant, the North Dakota Advanced Manufacturing Skills Training Initiative (NDAMSTI) project, led by NDSCS, will be in a position to assist TAA-impacted workers to benefit the local community, North Dakota and neighboring states. This project will utilize NDSCS’s success with online programs and expand the following online activities:

  • Develop online modules for the Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) and fabrication stackable courses,
  • Enhance automation curriculum by incorporating online modules designed by Fanuc robotics,
  • Utilize existing relationship with Pearson to assist with online content design and delivery.

The Steeple Award stands for “Climbing New Heights” and is presented to an individual, employee group or committee for using new and innovative methods to accomplish the recipient’s role on campus. This year’s Steeple awards were presented to those involved with the creation of both the Frosty Games (Bethany Mauch, Elizabeth Phares-Oren and Kerri Kava) and the Academic Advising Shared Drive (Heather Goroski, Kijia Homes, Michelle Griffin, Dennis Broderick, Mindy Tayer, Lisa Wixo, Marissa Eben and Samantha Pauly).

The Frosty Games was developed last winter as a new programming event to collectively involve the entire campus. A competition that was appropriately titled from the popular movie sensation, The Hunger Games, the Frosty Games provided an opportunity for engagement and competition. Students, faculty and staff alike had the opportunity to use their creative skills to name their teams and duel in a variety of fun and challenging competitions.

The Academic Advising Shared Drive was conceptualized last spring and launched during Opening Week in August 2014. It provides academic advisors instant access to essential information about their advisees through a cross shared drive, which instantly populates when they login through Active Directory.

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