Daily News: Students observe manufacturers

By Matthew Liedke

Wahpeton High School upperclassmen connect with skilled labor producers

Steve Johnson, chair of precision machining technology, and Lincoln Thompson, an associate professor at North Dakota State College of Science, were just a few of many area industry leaders who spoke to students during the local Manufacturing Day held Wednesday at NDSCS.

The event was a joint project including the Wahpeton Economic Development Office, Bobcat, Comdel Innovation, Heartland Precision, WCCO Belting and NDSCS.

According to information provided by college staff, the entire junior and senior classes from Wahpeton High School toured the local manufacturers’ facilities as well as the NDSCS campus to see manufacturing programs.

The day is part of a nationwide effort to address common misconceptions about manufacturing by giving producers an opportunity to open their doors, states the program’s website.

Manufacturers address the skilled labor shortage they face, connect with future generations, take charge of the public image of manufacturing and ensure the ongoing prosperity for the whole industry.

Full article from the Wahpeton Daily News

Photo courtesy of the Wahpeton Daily News

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