Daily News: Dr. Richman explains college expansion to commission

North Dakota State College of Science President Dr. John Richman spoke to the Richland County Commission Monday morning in an attempt to explain the school’s plans for the future.

The main focus of Richman’s presentation was the planned expansion project at NDSCS’ Fargo site and what it will mean for both the Fargo area and Wahpeton.

“Our mission is to train and educate the workforce of North Dakota. This Fargo expansion project is to enhance the college’s ability to do that,” Richman said

The expansion project does not create competition between North Dakota State University and NDSCS, he said. Additionally, the development does not mean NDSCS will move administration to Fargo.

Richman described how NDSCS officials are speaking with area leaders to ensure the public understands what the project could mean for the Wahpeton community. The Fargo expansion will not change how students are educated on the Wahpeton campus.

In other commission news, Richland County Emergency Manager Brett Lambrecht gave his report on recent activity by his department.

A semi hydraulic oil truck leak near Mooreton, North Dakota, Saturday afternoon was the first item Lambrecht discussed. In response to the incident, the North Dakota Department of Transportation put sand on the highway and cleanup was done by the truck owner.

Lambrecht also described a trailer house south of Kindred that was destroyed by a storm Thursday, Sept. 4. Lambrecht said his department worked with the American Red Cross, Richland County Social Services and the Veterans Service Officer to aid those affected.

In her report to the commission, Richland County Treasurer Leslie Hage discussed the amount of taxes collected so far in 2014. According to her report, the county has collected 96.56 percent of 2013 taxes as of Sept. 30. The number is slightly ahead of last year’s number of 96.37 percent recorded on the same date.

Full article from the Wahpeton Daily News

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