NDSCS announces summer President’s Honor List

The North Dakota State College of Science has named 13 students to its summer semester 2014 President’s Honor List.

The Honor List recognizes students who have achieved grade point averages of 3.5 or higher while taking at least 12 credit hours. The honorees include:


Moorhead: Grady Stillwell, Caterpillar Dealer Services
Sabin: Jesse Mcconnell, Caterpillar Dealer Services


Ashley: Drew Dockter, Caterpillar Dealer Services
Baldwin: Jonathon Wohl, Caterpillar Dealer Services
Bismarck: Cody Bouman, Caterpillar Dealer Services; Christopher Kottre, Caterpillar Dealer Services; Dustin Seefeld, Caterpillar Dealer Services
Dickinson: Jayden Maher, Caterpillar Dealer Services
Fargo: Ridge Krisher, Caterpillar Dealer Services; Ricky Lacko, Information and Communications Technology
Langdon: Andrew Welsh, Caterpillar Dealer Services
Wahpeton: Ashlie Challner, Dental Hygiene


Frederick: Dalton Kopecky, Caterpillar Dealer Services

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