NDSCS Enrollment hits 30-year high

North Dakota State College of Science (NDSCS) today announced that fall enrollment for the College has hit a three-decade high. There are currently 3,168 students enrolled at NDSCS this fall, a number that has not been achieved since fall 1983 when there were 3,171 enrolled students.

Several factors have contributed to the enrollment spike, according to NDSCS President John Richman, including the NDSCS-Fargo location, which is gaining popularity. 

“We are increasing educational opportunities for a greater number of students by expanding accessibility,” said Richman. “A more diversified group of students are being served through expanded day and evening programming in Fargo, our online options as well as a high level of interest in the technical programs offered on the Wahpeton campus.”

The 2013 student body includes 1,712 full-time students and 1,456 part-time students. There are 687 students taking at least one class at NDSCS-Fargo. Freshman students total 2,146 and sophomore students total 1,022. There are 1,474 women enrolled at the college and 1,694 men. A total of 969 students are living on the Wahpeton campus, down just three students from fall 2012 when there were 972 students living on campus.

The enrollment data shows NDSCS continues to do an excellent job of attracting students from around the state of North Dakota: students are registered from 52 of the state’s 53 counties. The total number of students from North Dakota, 2,269, comprises more than 71 percent of the student body.

Student representation from neighboring states includes: Minnesota, 22 percent; South Dakota 3 percent; and Montana, 1 percent. There are seven students from foreign countries.

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